'Carol Mackie' Daphne

marricgardensJune 6, 2009

I made a small (well, it started out small) shade garden in some pines. I thought the whole area received dappled sun and it would be a good spot for my hostas. I sat out there today and watched to see where the sun spots were. To my surprise I had a large spot on the north side, in front of my garden shed. We built the garden shed there to cut the winter winds. Does anybody know if a dapne will survive with 3-4 hours bright light and the rest of the time it will get bright shade? I thought the daphnes needed lots of direct sunlight but I may be wrong. If that one won't work in my shade garden, any suggestions for a smallish,2-3', shrub with variegated foliage? Flowers aren't a must have but they would be nice. Thanks. Marg

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You may want to repost this in the Canadian Gardening forum. Most of us zone 1,2,3s don't grow daphne, if at all.

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Marric I've had "Carol Mackie" for about 3 yrs as well as 2 "February" daphnes .One Feb is in part sun and the other two are in deeper shade . They all bloomed but a bit later this year_ weather? who knows. One of the Feb is about 6 yrs old and I have moved it 3 times as I myself have moved and I couldn't leave it behind. I protect it in winter with mulch and Have a bit of winterkill sometimes-- Always grown them in part shade - go figure?

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Thanks Lois. There is more sunlight in my shade garden than I thought there would be so I was thinking of getting a Daphne. Most of the rest of the garden is in shade, anywhere from dappled shade to bright shade. It is now filling up with my hostas and was looking for other plants to set them off. I liked Carol Mackie because of the variegated foliage. I've also read that Carol Mackie is known to 'die out' for no reason and I was concerned about that. It sounds like you have had good luck with yours though. Maybe now I will give it a try. Thanks. Marg

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Marric My Carol Mackie is still blooming outside my front door(north side ) and the scent is fabulous. I hope your's will be close enough so you can enjoy the sweet perfume.
The foliage is great and a nice contrast. Lois

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