Galbun fig

fredfig(7)June 5, 2010

This morning, I found a 3/4 foot potted ,Galbun/Galburn,

Yellow fig ,that a farm started from the mother tree.

The lady says they are sweet and good (common remarks).

Does anyone grow these and are they hardy and good figs for inground site. Thanks, Fred

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

If it was me I would find out where that farm is and go check it out. Talk to the grower. See what their trees look like, and eat a couple of figs to see if you even like them.

I have several "unknowns" in pots and in the ground now myself. If I don't like the fruit I will have wasted time and money on them. That's something you may want to consider.

Or you can just plant it and see what happens.


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Dave.. Thanks! You are correct. Their place is about 20 minutes away. I will take your advice and go look ! Fred

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hello fredfig
I live in Bastrop Texas, I have a Galbun fig tree that is about seven years old is a large tree about 15 ft wide and i keep it topped so i can reach the figs.the figs are green/yellow and large when ripe some about 2to2 1/2 inches across the center and very sweet and good. My tree produced about sixty lbs of figs last year and put them in fig preserves, The Galbun and Conadria figs are very close to size and taste in my area.

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mrhappy(z8 - Austin, TX)

If your galbun does not have fig mosaic virus I'd be interested in helping you clean up the mess the next time you need to top that fig tree. Give me an hour to get there.

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Mrhappy i sent you an email

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