Start fig cutting in Summer?

layne_novaJune 26, 2010

Hi, if we were to start fig cutting in summer (June - Aug), do you suggest put the cuttings in refrigerator for a couple of days (maybe a week?) until the fig leaf stubs drop before start rooting?

I notice the ones come from fridge start leafing out much faster than the ones fresh from tree. Both put to rooting mix in early June. Please share your experience.



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You can grow cuttings in the summer under mist, etc. but it is seldom waranted. Refrigeration may help. If you are interested in playing you can take cuttings in the summer.

Figs are grown from hardwood cuttings taken in the winter around Feburary. I plant my hardwood cuttings in the ground where I want the fig to grow. Just dig a hole and add some compost. Plant the cutting with at least three bud nodes with one just above the ground.

After being in the ground for a while they will start to root. You have cool weather, and rain in the spring to get them started.

Read how to proagate figs as it is done commercialy. Click on the link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: How to proagate fig cuttings. And grow figs.

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See more discussion on the same topic at:

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

In this forum here at Garden Web, Italiangirl posted specific instructions on how to do this. She makes it sound very simple. Scroll to the end for her post.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scroll to the last post

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It is quite easy to take summer cuttings and root them by several methods. For non dormant fig wood......I prefer to root cutting "tips" only and not inner wood. I look for a tip which has a closed or nearly closed bud tip. I remove the broad leafy part of the leaves up to the stem....remove only the leafy part and not the stems. They can be stored in baggies placed in a refrigerator until the stems fall off.....or they can be started immediately by the rooting method of your choice. Personally, I prefer to root summer cuttings in peat pots using 1 part perlite to 1 part Ultimate Potting Mix. Works great for me.


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