Daylily Seedlings

explorer_mb(z1b MB Canada)June 27, 2008

Hi all,

I was just wondering when you think I should plant out my daylily seedlings since this is the first year I tried growing them from seed?

I only found out about the LA in March and didn't get all of my seeds 'til the beginning of May so they were soaked 'til the middle of May and planted...

Right now, a majority of the seedlings are around 8-12 inches tall (20-30cm). Although there are some that took a heck of a long time to come up and are not so tall...

Some look nice and hefty while some of the slow growers look alittle thin...

They're still under lights and I'll have to get them hardened off of course, but do you think I should get them out there right now? Put them all out, or just the ones which look the strongest?

I still have to build the raised bed, and fill it with soil, probably in a week or two.

I had started about half of the seeds I'd purchased, thinking the other half would have more time to bulk up if I started them earlier next winter...

Some seeds were great and I got 90 to 100 percent germination, although there were some crosses which didn't do well at all.

One cross never sent up a single seedling... :-(

I bought alot of different crosses with many of them being spider and UFO's (my faves) and several hardier crosses from Dave Mussar in Ont.

Thanks for the help,


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explorer_mb(z1b MB Canada)

Hi again,

Thought I should let you know the crosses and how successful they were. All seeds were bought on the LA, some from the US and some from Canada.

Seeds purchased from DWM (Dave Mussar from Ont.):
These seeds were the best of the lot, very plump and just ready to grow. They had great germination and the seedlings are also the largest and healthiest. (These crosses are not spiders or Unusual forms which tend to have smaller fans so that may be the reason they are generally larger). As this is my first time growing dl's from seed I may have had some effect on the outcome, but I treated all the seeds the same and some crosses definitely outperformed others by a wide margin. He also gave a bonus of extra seeds of each cross (usually doubled) and also some bonus crosses.

Big Bird's Friend X Garden Symphony 4/4 seeds germinated.
Esperenza Gold X Yukon Spring 6/7
Early & Often X Sally's Child 5/8
Mason's Mark X Violet Angel 5/7
Fox Point X Deliberate Pace 6/9
Grandpa Oscie X Victoria Park 12/12
Rose Impact X Victoria Park 4/6
Ruffled Bouquet Deluxe X Grandpa Oscie 6/7
Tippercanoe X Victoria Park 8/10
Ruffled Bouquet Deluxe X Rose Electra 7/8
Fusion X Victoria Park 6/7
Fox Point X Grandpa Oscie 6/10
Mason's Mark X Get 'R Done 4/9

Seeds purchased on the LA from Lighthousegal (Cynthia Tyrell)from Michigan: Generally good germination but smaller seedlings because most of these are spiders or UF's. Generally with the seeds purchased here, I planted all of each cross because there was only 5 or 6 seeds of each, so I do have several other crosses from Cynthia to try out this winter and put out next spring.

Magic of Oz X Unidentified Flying Object 4/5
Wholebuchalotta X Lavender Handlebars 7/7
Kate Carpenter Sdlg X Larger Than Life 4/6
Trahlyta X Rebekah's Gothic Spider 3/5
Neuva Nova X Lavender Handlebars 4/5
(Daring Dilemma x Techny Spider) X Primal Scream 2/6
Taunting Tapestry X Wilson Spider 3/6
Orange Exotica X Lola Branham 2/3
Flutterbye X Rosy Lights 2/5
Firestorm X Wilson spider 3/6
Trahlyta X Firestorm 4/6
Wilson Spider Sdlg X Gudrid 4/6
Brigade of Butterflies X Wilson Spider Sdlg 4/5
Mapping Carolina X Wilson Spider Sdlg 3/3
Renaissance Maiden X Firestorm 6/7
Sarah's True Colors X Primal Scream 2/7

Seeds purchased from Kivariver (Nina Lapierre)MA, US.
Very generous with her seeds and also gave me alot of Japanese Iris seeds to try out. Most of her crosses did well with the exception of one or two which did not. I think that cross just wasn't meant to be.

Three Seasons X Greywoods Great Dana 7/10
Ben Lee X Jerry's Whirligig 10/12
Sweet Apricot X (Memories of Oz x Ya Ya Girl) 5/5
Crystal X Unknown 4/6
Siloam Tiny Tim X Chin Whiskers 5/11
Siloam Tiny Tim X Peppermint Ice 3/14

The last two crosses with Siloam Tiny Tim weren't great, but she gave so many bonuses that it more than made up for these. She is a very generous person and I wouldn't hesitate to order from her again this fall...

Seeds purchased from Thankyou (Ellen Laprise) for the most part had a very high germination rate and she usually gave extra seeds of every purchase as a bonus as well as the Spirit of Sapello X Cowboy Scarf (8seeds). I only grew half the seeds this spring.

Spirit of Sapello X Cowboy Scarf 4/4
Aquamarine X Emerald Starburst 3/3
Momentum X Webster's Pink wonder 3/4
Rocky Horror X Triune Presence 1/4
Talon X Triune Presence 3/3

Seeds purchased from Liebchengwp (Carol Anderson)in US.
Almost all of the crosses did very well with the exception of one and most were spidery in nature. They are for a large part seedling crosses of hers that are incredible and I do have the pics of them if you are interested. You have probably seen them on the LA as that's where I bought the seeds.

HW-73 (Harbour Blue X White UFO sdlg) X SQSGB-12(Starman's Quest x Snake In The Grass Boo) 3/4

SQSGB-10 X HW-71 (see above) 1/5

MJ-04-106 (Mad Max x Judge Roy Bean) X SQSGB-12 4/5
SQSGB X White Stripe 6/7 - very healthy
Dainty Pink X FSGB-15(Firestorm x Snake Grass Boo) 5/7
MJ-106 X FSGB-15 4/7

Seeds purchased from Lilydude in the US.
Not the greatest germination but the few that did germinate were very healthy. I do love Heavenly Angel Ice.

Big Smile X Heavenly Angel Ice
Indian Giver X Heavenly Angel Ice
Heavenly Angel Ice X Stargate Portal

One last person I purchased seeds from on the LA was Red (Rich Surmont). They had good germination and were all spider and UF varieties.

Marked By Lydia X Skinwalker 2/4
Misc. spider and Unusual forms 20/24

Well, that is
Hopefully will get some nice flowers out of these in the future...


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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

Holy smokes Rob, can't wait to see them bloom!

I would plant out those larger seedlings asap. Keep a watch on them everyday and keep them them well watered since we are going into July. The smaller ones I would nurse them in pots till they get bigger.

In your zone, you could either bring them indoors before freeze up for the the winter. A few of us gals have done that with late sale orders. I overwintered mine in a cool room with a window ledge. I only watered once a month and did not fertilize. You want them to go semi-dormant for the winter so don't fuss over them.

Or you can trench them pot and and all before the ground freezes, cover and mulch good and dig them up in the spring.


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angeline_z2(z2 AB Canada)

Very new to daylilies. Are they difficult from seed? and what (showing I am really a neophyte) is the LA? I love the spider daylilies and would love to try some from seed.

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

LA stands for the Lily Auction.

No, not at all difficult to germinate if the seed is viable. IME, indoor sowing is best for our climate.

Spiderfan usually lists some really nice Spider mixes in the fall and winter months over at LA.


Here is a link that might be useful: LA

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explorer_mb(z1b MB Canada)

Wow...nice to hear from someone again...

Howdy Angeline... Howdy Sharon... Sharon and I both love spidery daylilies as do alot of other people out there...

The (Daylily Auction) Lily Auction (LA) is a site online from the US where they auction off all sorts of daylily plants and seed and pollen etc... all sorts of daylily stuff. Great site... but it's addicting...

I just went and won some more on the Lily Auction (LA)yesterday and bid on a couple more crosses too!

They were a great cross but weren't cheap!
$22.00 : 16 sds Magic Of Oz X Green Throated Robin and Bonus of 8 sds of Malachite Prism X Green Throated Robin.

I also bid on a couple other of Rich's crosses:

Forever Redeemed X Megatron ( 11 seeds) + Bonus 3 seeds Texas Big Red X Butter Cream

Red Pinnacle X Beaufort Slim Pitkin (6 sds) + bonus Tet Holly Dancer X Red Pinnacle (5sds).

Nice to meet other spider lovers...
Alot of my newly ordered daylilies are going to flower...
I'm thinking of doing some crosses myself...

Do you think I should let them set seed Sharon?
Most are still in pots waiting to find their home in the garden...

I am itching to do some hybridizing...

I see all of those greenhouses down in the US doing it all the time..

I'm going to order some of those little plastic tubes to freeze pollen there is so much to get done...

The link to the Lily Auction is down below Angeline... and welcome to your new addiction... at least it's a heathy one... :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: The Lily Auction

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

In our zone, I would advise on getting them in the ground to produce considerable strong roots before winter sets in than breeding seed in its first year/season.

In my experience our season is not long enough to produce viable daylily seed. If we are lucky to have a long Indian Summer there is a chance of producing healthy plump black seeds. If you cross two early cultivars youll have a better chance of producing viable seed.


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