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catlady4444(7)June 9, 2011


I moved into a rental house in April and would love some help with a fig tree.

The house is 150 years old, and all the plantings are horribly neglected (vine covered, weedy, overcrowded.) I didn't realize there was a fig until May, when it was covered in breba. I immediately fertilized, watered, and weeded around it. The figs have grown to what I assume is full size---none ripe, though. But now it's making more breba. Is this OK? Is is bad?

I have already potted up some little baby plants around it to take with me when I leave, but I'd like to make this year as productive as possible. This is partly for the owner of the house, but mostly for me, to ease the pain of having to leave my own garden where my figs are being horribly neglected! : (

Any help would be appreciated!


Loudoun County, VA

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It is OK:It looks like your tree has good breba crop,and frost was light last winter.
Good for you

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Ann, it sounds like your tree is bifara, meanining it produces a breba and main crop. Very common. Just keep it weeded and water as needed. Good luck and enjoy!

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I have never had this before---is it normal for it to start producing the main crop before breba are ripe? And isn't it very early for the main crop to start?
I was worried I somehow triggered more breba!)

Thank you!


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The breba crop forms on previous year's wood (hard) and main crop forms on current year's growth (new/green). The can grow simultaneously. Not all figs do this and some only ripen the breba. Your tree will be fine. Fertilizing in-ground figs is usually not necessary unless the soil is very sandy and it IS possible to over-fertilize (with Nitrogen) but the result is that you get lush growth but few/no fruit. Good luck!

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Awesome--thank you!!!

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