organic_bassetlvr(6/7)June 19, 2013

Does anyone else think pokeweed could be a great garden plant if only marketed properly? "Easy to grow perennial, small white blooms on magenta stems, followed by lovely black/maroon berries, beloved by birds." Just a thought.

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frontiercc(MD Zone 6)

If so, I'll be RICH!! I've got it everywhere!!!! Got tired of fighting with one that was growing under my lilac so I got out the shovel last week and dug up the tuber. The thing was as big as my fist.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Me, too, frontiercc! Mine grows on our hill-very hard to get a good footing to dig out. Ugh.

Yes, it is all in the marketing, isn't it?

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Doesn't it also depend on where you live? I've noticed that it seems to be a real pest in some regions and not so much in others.

I'm currently growing a variegated/speckled form called 'Silberstein' (aka 'Steve Silberstein' or 'Variegata') under my grow light. I plan on cutting the berries off before they seed around any. Never heard of it being a bad invader over here...hope not at least, lol!

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frontiercc(MD Zone 6)

Could be Christinmk. I live in the Mid-Atlantic and it is a pervasive problem around here.

I blame it on the birds. (Along with mile-a minute vine!) I have LOTS of birds around. They like the seeds and spread them readily.

That, and I am surrounded by fields. The price I pay to live in the country I suppose.

Before the white man came from Europe, the Native Americans around here used the plentiful pokeweed berries to make dyes. So everytime I yank one, I connect with history :)

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Well, I didn't know it was already marketed Christinmk! Another one of my money making schemes down the drain, LOL. Yes it can be a pest due to birds & also the seeds can lay dormant for years until the soil is disturbed & then sprout. I get tickled when visiting the Name That Plant forum and every year there are numerous posts about a giant plant with black berries. Always turns out to be poke.

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I agree! The leaves are a great color and they could be very good for screening at the back of a bed if it's an area that doesn't get looked at during the winter.

I have one in my yard right now; it's about 10' tall. The flowers were blush pink which I guess is kind of special but I thought it was a sunflower- that's why I let the dumb thing grow! I'm taking it out this weekend.

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It is a beautiful plant/seed head! But we farmers in Illinois growl at a pokeweed growing in our fields. When you go thru with a combine to get soybeans or corn, it almost looks like you tossed a 1/2 quart of dark purple paint at the head of the combine. Stain!!!!
We did see someone in a small town near us plant a short row of pokeweed near a stop sign last year. So pretty....this year it's petunias...

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Oh that doesn't sound good...unless you could market it as "ornamental" naturally dyed corn. I dunno about the soybeans. I keep it (poke) out of certain areas & let others grow for the birds.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Market for food. I have a friend that comes to my yard before I cut them down in the Spring. I do not have problems killing it for the season but it is back the following Spring.

I cut and pour some vinegar and salt inside the hollow stem followed by some rubbing alcohol.and it is a goner. But there are little plants somewhere else that appear somewhere on the property every Spring.

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