Newer Ronde De Bordeaux

dieselerJune 3, 2010

Here is replacement i had purchased (thanks Bass)in case the other Ronde did not make it.

I will have an easy time makeing this plant into a little tree type look the way i tend to favor them in containers. Soon it will be topped.


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ch3rri(z6 PA)

Share more of your fig tree pics please. I really want to turn my fig into a tree too...but for now I might want more branches so I can get more figs...hehehe. But I love looking at the trees. I've been looking at my figs everyday hoping to find the flowers. Still no sign yet....maybe late June? I have the Ronde also. It's getting pretty big and I just pot it up again.

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

What do you mean soon it will be topped?

cherri, if your tree is just growing tall with no branches, you can pinch the top and eventually it will start branching out.

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Hi Bonsaist hope things are well with you and family.

soon it will be topped (level off)
At certain height i cut the top.

Pinch is what i do to side branches to send energy to figs on it.
Prune is when i cut the unwanted branches all the way back to wear they started.
Just expressions i use. ; )

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

Hi Bass. There are a couple branches on my ronde and brooklyn dark. I just topped the ronde tallest branch so it will grow more branches. I also just pot it up to a larger pot. All my figs are doing well. I think I might get some figs this summer too. need to share some pictures with us on all your potted

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Hi All,

I pinched out the top of one of the tips of my Smith baby because it was growing faster than the tip I wanted to be the tallest. It recently started growing the tip I pinched again! Looks like there's no stopping it. How do you stop something like that? Just keep pinching it?



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Yes you can keep cutting them or any others if you wish to keep tree the size and shape you want.

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