Silver Ice

alameda/zone 8June 19, 2014

This is a pretty, subtle color - blooms tend to come all at once so make a showing, and it makes a big healthy clump.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

AND its a real beauty.I love this one. I have one called SILVER SHOWERS but had not hear of this one before. I love it, but, love most daylilies anyway. got more to post??


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That is very pretty. A lovely clump. I actually prefer the "big show" effect rather than a bloom here and there. The best of all is consecutive big shows. Although I am a sucker for daylilies with eyes, I have noticed that I really appreciate some of my older ones that are more just one color or with subtle shading.

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alameda/zone 8

This is a 1983 tet. by Munson. Wasn't sure if anyone would like it, pale coloring, no eye or edges.........but is has these lovely shadings when looked at closely that I love. I was at Jack Carpenter's new place recently [he sold the Lily Farm to nephew Mark] and I was totally wowed by the gorgeous, huge, dinner plate sized blooms. No ruffled frilly edges and big eyes as are seen now - just gorgeous, HUGE lilies with all kinds of lovely coloring. My friends and I didn't know where to look first. I bought some lovely ones and will look forward to seeing them mature and bloom in the coming years.

Another I just adore is Blue Pink Beauty, Stamile 2002 tet. One of the most beautiful clear pinks, and large too, that I have seen. No big yellow eye [just a muted yellow], no frilly yellow edges - just a large clear, pure pink that allows one to see the simple, elegant beauty of the bloom. One of my favorites - as is Gone Fishing, who is a grandchild of BPB - by Pink Aloha. I have all of these - I do believe BPB is my favorite. Here is photo - don't know how to put on more than one photo at a time.....

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bragu_DSM 5

ala ⦠how big is your pot, and do you just leave it there? If so, how often do you repot?



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That is beautiful. And I seem to love all the whites.

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alameda/zone 8

Dave, I have what is called my "hoop house bed" where I put pvc pieces over the bed in case I want to cover the bed in mid summer with shade cloth - it gets full, all day sun. I have 3 beds made with landscape timbers. I fill the bottom part with composted manure that has aged from my horse stalls [this is really good stuff - mulch my roses with it, they love it!]. I then finish filling the beds with a mix I get from a soil service that is loaded with a front end loader into my truck bed. It is 1/3 each of mushroom compost, sand, and bark fines. Daylilies and roses love it! I mulch the paths and keep the lilies watered. You can see shade fabric partially on the hoops but I took it off and didn't need it for the rest of the summer in 2013 - but if it gets too hot with no rain, will do so. I planted these beds in fall 2012, but now they have mostly gotten so big that I am going to have to take out every other plant in the fall to give them room and divide some if necessary. I am getting ready to work on another bed using cinder blocks, which will be about the same height as my landscape timbers, and more permanent. I may try planting some daylily seedlings in the holes in these blocks! Or could plant moss rose.....would look pretty. I fertilize and keep the beds watered, and they really grow and bloom well. Here is a photo taken several weeks ago before the lilies started blooming. I have other different beds - some with roses and annuals interspersed, some with daylilies as edging, some round beds with birdbaths in the middle.......and still needing to build more beds!

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alameda/zone 8

Here is a part of another bed behind my horse barn filled with roses, daylilies and annuals. In this bed, have Alabama Jubilee, Alpha Centauri, South Seas, Fragrant Returns, a red seedling called The Fireman, and some others. Not all blooming in this photo, but you get the idea. I have done mostly peach and yellow roses and yellow/orange colored daylilies with purple salvia thrown in. I have a pot that is filled with creeping jenny and miniature red mandavilla. Plan to include some periwinkles in white as I get time. Working on another bed just like this on the other side of the barn. Have lights out there and can work in them at night - really nice in cool evenings and don't have to work in the blasting sun! The large shrub blooming purple is a crepe myrtle. You can see in far background another under tree with birdbath I am working on - it has a huge gardenia in it and when I am working back there, can smell the marvelous perfume of it. That bed gets morning sun in back and afternoon sun in front - plans call for bridal wreath in back, daylilies in front.

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The green throat on Silver Ice is so radiant.

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I think they're both beautiful. I'm appreciating the subtle coloration of lighter daylilies more every year, plus Silver Ice that elegant Munson form I like.

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