Roses -First time posting with new photo software

mary_lu_gwJune 20, 2013

I am testing out posting using the new photo software on my new computer. I had the old one so long that I could do it in my sleep(well almost). Anyway I am struggling a little with the new stuff. Think I have the resizing down now. Hope the photo is not too large.

These are the Easy Elegance Sunrise Sunset roses along the sidewalk. They have been planted since 2006. Can't believe how big they have gotten. So many blooms that they are dragging down the bushes a little. The only reason I am in the photo is to give some "dimension" to the size of the bushes! :-) I am 5'2" tall. They are almost as wide/deep as they are tall.--Please excuse my gardening clothes!

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Beautiful roses! And your gardening clothes look fine to me!

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These are also Easy Elegance roses, My Girl. They are also loaded this year. Must be all the rain we had earlier. However, it is starting to get dry.

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Those are beauties, and pretty much just what I am looking for for my garden. And you are in my zone! Are Easy Elegance roses scented? I was looking at Knock Outs but was disappointed that they had little to no smell.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Those are gorgeous Mary_lu! I've been wondering how they hold up in heat and humidity. I love my old fashioned roses but it would be really nice to have some that bridge the gap between summer and fall blooms. Your roses are just a knockout :)

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I like the rustic pump in the garden. And your blue shorts are a nice contrast to the rose-pink of the roses!

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

How fun to see you in the photo. Those roses have really done well. Both are beautiful, but I like My Girl the best. I reminds me of my Port Merion.
Your garden clothes don't have as many holes as mine.


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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Your roses are drop dead gorgeous! Thank you for posting the pictures.

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I bet those roses are traffic stoppers. Lovely.

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Love the roses. You are positively in "black tie" compared to my gardening gear.

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mandolls, Sunrise Sunset does have some scent, and My Girl has a little. However when they are in full bloom like now the scent is very noticeable. What I have found is that most roses that are bred for hardiness seldom have much scent. I have been very pleased with the Easy Elegance roses that I grow. For me scent is secondary to hardiness.

GGG, they hold up quite well. We do get a lot of heat and humidity in late June and July and they keep on blooming. now they don't look quite so nice as we got 1.98 inches of rain within 1-2 hours this morning. It got extremely dark and poured and poured... Hard on the bushes when they are so loaded with blooms.

mantis_oh, I emailed that picture to my sister and she told me I "boobooed" as my red shirt did not go with the pink roses! We have had that pump somewhere in the garden for the past 10 years. It was a nice dark burgundy color, but has faded and desperately needs repainting!

Kathy, I hesitated to post that picture as I don't usually put myself "out there", but when I have posted these roses in the past it was mentioned that it would be nice to have something for comparison (to determine the true size of the bushes.) No, not too many holes in these, but there are paint spatters/wipes as these are also some of my painting clothes!

roselee, thank you. I have many more roses in the yard, but didn't want to overdo the picture posting. Also still getting used to the new software and it is taking me a little bit to get the hang of resizing. Somewhat different than the old program.

schoolhouse, yes there have been some drive bys the past few days. Slow down, stop, go, stop, etc. Kind of fun to watch. DH noticed 2 yesterday.

Kay, I was actually only watering last night, so stayed fairly clean, if a little wet. Usually much grubbier! One pair of painting/gardening jeans are so full of holes and paint that it is hard to tell they are blue jeans!

Thanks again everyone! It is fun to share with other gardeners. None of my friends are really into flower gardening. Most think it is way to much work!

Will post more pictures after I have time to get a better handle on resizing.

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freezengirl(3aMN and 5AK)

Your roses are gorgeous! I think you have inspired me to give them a try. I am in the Bemidji area and haven't had any luck at all with the Knockout Roses. They will last maybe a year or two and then die out for me.
Your garden clothes look positively dressy compared to mine!

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freezengirl, we are considered a zone 5 now, but I still plant mostly for zone 4. I have several knockout, both the double and single. The double ones have been planted since 2005 and are doing quite well. Some winters they will die back quite far, but always come back like gangbusters. This year there was almost no die back and they are about 3x4 already. You might want to check out the Easy Elegance roses. They are guaranteed for 2 years. Not bad. Also are own root vs. grafted. So even if they die back to the ground, they will regrow as the same bush, not the graft stock.

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