Violet De Bordeaux

dieselerJune 3, 2010


in this thread i show my Violet De Bordeaux several ways.

Plant, airlayer with water bottle (idea from figs4fun forum)im trying, leaves with FMV (not all leaves display it) but many do ,and fig embryo's emerging.

Despite having FmV this plant grows very well for me going into its 3rd year and will produce ripe figs , last season its 2nd it produced ripe figs for first time and they were pretty good this season a little more mature it will produce more figs .


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girlbug2(z9/10, Sunset zone 24)

That's a handsome tree. I just planted one bareroot in January and it's growing very well for me. Not sure yet if it has FMV, it may show up later? Anyway it's very exciting to wait for my figs to ripen.

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in the bottle is it filled with soil? Does it grow roots and them cut from main trunk?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Your tree looks beautiful! I have one branch heading waay off the main deal, and I'm thinking of air layering it also, instead of pruning it off, but I like the step by step method someone here posted, and the fact they wrap the thing in foil to keep it dark so the roots feel comfy, AND to reflect light to keep the roots cooler...

Here is a link that might be useful: Air Layering Method

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Girlbug2, "if" your plant has it it should show itself sooner or later similar to my leaves.

Ayyubaddeen,yes just potting soil, and once good amount of roots show it is severed and put in pot.

Desertdance, i read that a while back , there are members that posted links to show airlayering doing it different similar ways . Basically most times the branch comes in contact with soil that stays moist they root,i have a small plunger type contraption that i can insert on top and moisten the soil when needed.
Here is yet another link on figs4fun forum that i got this idea from with pictures. We buy water by the case at this time of year because of our kids activities like marching band so its what i have on hand, last season i also used a plastic bag similar to what Leon did. Its fun. ; )

Here is a link that might be useful:

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giants_2007(10 PSL FL Sal)

Martin very nice I'm looking forward to tasting this fig also. Mine is really only in fist year as I received a small rooted plant last august. It did put on figs but they dropped last year this year I'm confident it will hold a few as the main crop is now showing for past month some about the size of quarter

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Thanks for the link, Martin. I noticed that the poster said that you do not have to "girdle" the spot where you wish roots to form on a ficus. He said it is not necessary. Do you agree? I'd like to try it, but this is my one and only VDB, and I don't want to do anything shocking to my baby.

Do I have to cut and remove the bark? The branch itself is about 1/4" in diameter, but it's reaching into the Citrus tree next to it, and it has to go! It will tip the whole tree over if I don't stop it!

Next big question, Martin, Can I wrap two baggies of soil in two spots on the same branch, and will they both root? Only asking because the branch is long, and there is room. Bang for the buck theory! Will it work? Can I do it?

There are no figs at the moment on this branch.

Thank you!

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Desertdance last season i did not girdle (cut outer layer) the branch and did not do it this season either.
I never tried 2 airlayers on 1 branch so i cannot honeslty answer that question im sorry about. ;)
I would say go for it !

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I posted before that I had airlayered 3 on one long branch(worked like a charm). I fully girdled all three----I'm glad to know it works without girdling too! I'll have to give that a try. You could certainly girdle it 1/2 way around as I think James suggested. Hope this helps.

Martin, your trees are beautiful as always! Tim

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Hello Martin,

Thank you for sharing your pictures.

Can I ask how big is your container for your 3rd year Violet de Bordeaux fig tree?

I just bought a 1-quart size Violet de Bordeaux plant last week from Edible Landscaping. It was a little bit root-bound. I cut off a few brown and thin roots and potted it in a 2-gallon container.

When should I re-pot it to a bigger container?

Thank you!

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Hi Philly,
thats a 30 gallon container, you can oput into a 5 gallon after you see roots near drain holes.
I never recommend to folks but i pot up sometimes larger containers with very carful watering habits with fast draining soil.
Anyways once you see roots near bottom you can go to 5 gallon may be later this season depending on how fast your plant grows in your area.
Oh 1 more thing seeing you may be from the Philly area - Go Chicago Blackhawks ! ; )

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Ciao Martin, you are always such a good informative friend here. I love the pics and the good informative way you make things. I must say, FMV I believe must be so common to VDB and its close relations. Mine had it as well and it was direct from Europe (France) so this must be a common problem with this particular variety. Thanks Marty.
Ciao ciao

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Thanks Italingirl74 i noticed your site and others should check it out for there enjoyment and excellent reading about what you do.

You have some wonderful plants from Italy not common here in the states.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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