Vole ravaged figs coming back from the dead NOW.

denninmi(8a)June 26, 2012

I had some older planting of figs along the side of the house. I also have had a heavy vole population for 2 decades. I gave up years back trying to overwinter the woody parts, since anything that gave adequate winter shelter became a winter palace complete with all-you-can-eat fig bark buffet for voles.

However, I've always had luck just overwintering the roots and getting a crop from those, by mulching with oak leaves in the fall.

Last winter, vole pressure must have been severe or I had the vole from Krypton, because they destroyed them like I've never really seen. They actually chewed off all of last year's growth below the soil line -- first clue was when I saw the old stalks collapse onto the ground.

Anyway, I thought these were complete goners, and redid the bed this weekend into a mixed border.

Lo and Behold, tiny 1 and two inch shoots are coming off the roots further out from the old crowns. They definitely won't do anything fruit-wise this year, but perhaps they'll make it.

Now, if I knew a secret weapon against voles I'd be all set.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

The secret weapon is to put pellets of vole poison down the holes. If you keep at it, you can get rid of these evil varmints!

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