Florida FAQ - do you have a specialty?

tinael01(10A)January 27, 2012

Hi All!

You may know by now that our forum is getting a FAQ. If you are good at something and would like to write something for our new FAQ, can you please email it to me? If I get multiple entries on the same topic, I may post them just as they are or I may combine them, depending on the volume of information. I will be subdividing the FAQ into General, North Florida, Central Florida, South Florida. Let me know where you'd like your article to be placed.

If I post an article and you have feedback, please discuss your feedback with the author. The author will send me their updates.

I am a novice so please be patient with me. I am also going to be in India for three weeks in February so don't worry if I am out of pocket for awhile, I will return and complete the mission. And I will also take photos!

Thanks for your help!


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I have posted some new questions to help me populate the FAQ. I am leaving for India on 2/5 and I am gone the whole month. When I get back I'll start putting the information together. Thanks in advance for the contributions!

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Am I in Central or South Florida?

West side of St Pete, south point of Pinellas (1 min drive to Skyway), on a canal, westerly breezes off the Gulf, somewhat cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than Tampa, and a little more than downtown St Pete.
My microclimate is closer to Bradenton than St Pete proper.

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johnjsr(9A DeLand)

According to the U of FL you would be in central Fl. North of hiway 70, south of hiway 40. I'm in N central Fl, you're in S central Fl.

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The problem with that is that it draws straight lines across the state and the USDA map is for zone 9B is "U" shaped (the left upward side of the "U" being Pinellas County). And I actually grow stuff that is supposed to be 10A because I'm tempered by the water.

So that's why I don't know if we're going geographically or by zone.

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I will post a "borderline" and "microclimate" exceptions in each FAQ topic on location. If you are borderline or in a microclimate, just pick a thread and note your circumstances and I will place it in a good spot where people will realize the info you are offering. And thank you so much for your help! This is what makes Gardenweb so fabulous.

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I'm in downtown st pete across from the Bay, and my micro-climate is warmer in winter than several blocks inland, or north by maybe 5-6 blocks, and a lot warmer than Pinellas Park ! and we are warmer than bradenton, go figure.. maybe due to being surrounded by water whilst Bradenton and Sarasota, even being further south...are land-bound and within that 'cold-air dip' that comes down the center of the State in the winter.... strange, you'd think that being so much further south would mean being warmer, but it just ain't so !! sally

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My specialty would be irrigation. Anyone have any questions just throw them my way. Trouble shooting problems to new systems. Just about anything irrigation.

Good luck,

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Tom, your timing could not be better! I just posted my big irrigation problem in the Irrigation Forum - please see link below. (I don't want to hijack this thread). Would you please help me? Thanks so much in advance!


Here is a link that might be useful: How to replace Glued-In Riser next to Sidewalk?! (photos)

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Posted a solution for you just now.

Good luck,

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I'm really good with weeds. ;)


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