Human Waste Fertilizer

ich_bin_nathanJune 25, 2007

No joke,

I just bought some human waste fertilizer [yes, it has been treated] that is supposed to keep dear/bunnies away as well as fertilze. Has anyone else ever heard of this? Does anyone have any thoughts? Do you think it will work? Do you think I will have to reapply it after every rain?

I wanted to see what everyone thought because I am seriously debating taking it back.

If I should take it back...does anyone have any suggestions for me to do to keep the deer away?

Thanks in advance,


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Yes I've heard of it - mostly from those enviro-toilet commercials that claim to turn human waste into usable compost. However this is the fist time I've heard of this product being commercialized.
Provided it's properly treated, why not give it a shot (I presume the human scent is what triggers it). It can't be any less effective than other supposed deer repellent claims.
Good luck regardless,

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-Put an 8' fence around your place. We fenced in a large area at the end of the lane and included the vegetable/fruit garden inside it. No problems anymore with deer in the strawberries, peas, carrots, beets, raspberries, etc.

-Get a border collie or other outside dog that will protect your yard. Ours loves to run and deer are perfect objects to run after. Not so much any more because they know that there is a dog in the yard, so they kind of avoid the yard now.

-Spray a mixture of 1 egg in a gallon of water on your perennials and trees. Beat your egg first so it will go through your spray nozzle in your sprayer, then add it to the gallon of water. The protein smell from the egg is what the deer do not like. Some people add all kinds of other stuff like garlic, pepper, etc to it also but it is not necessary. This solution I have used for years (before we got our dog) and I found it extremely effective. It does need to be reapplied after a rain though.

I know exactly the frustration deer can cause. I have huge perennial flowerbeds and would rather see my flowers bloom and flourish than feed the deer with the flowers. They can go eat in the farmer's field next to my yard instead.


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I think I am going to just return it and try the egg solution. Much cheaper and less creepy.

I had a german shepard that liked to keep the deer away from my roses...etc but this last winter she died so now I am trying to resort to other methods.

Thanks again to you both,

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