Can anyone help me?

andrew78(6)June 25, 2011

YEs, I think it is safe to say that I have been bitten by the fig tree bug! Right now I have 4 diffrent varieties 1 Violette de Bardeuax, Tena, Sicialian Beefera, and Broad Leaf Black Jack. I also have a rooted cutting of Chicago hardy and about 10 that are rooting now. I have a bunch of Celeste that I still need to get going.

I would like to get another rooted Violette De Bordeaux, which I have heard can be challenging here in NY state but it can grow under my 600 watt HPS light so I can extend it's growing season.

What I am looking for now are:

Black Mission(I will probobly get one of these this summer.)


Petite Negra

Brown Turkey

Brooklyn Dark

Dark Portugal

Ron de boreaux

I realize that this isn't the right time of year to ask for cuttings. I am relatively new to rooting cuttings and so far I am okay at it. I am hoping to find rooted cuttings.

None of the 5 that I have growing are large enough to cut yet so I cannot offer any of them as a trade but I can offer Celeste and Hardy Chicago.

If anyone has any of these and would like to share great! I would even be willing to pay for rooted cuttings.


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andrew, i have a black mission in louisiana and let me tell you, i doesn't like very much cold. twice in the past two winters it died down to the ground but came back. to me it seems to be a fig tree that likes it warm most of the time with minimal cold. of course mine are in the ground so hopefully you'll have luck keeping your's warm and productive. it by the way it is a very good tasting fig. good luck!

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