Hardy clematis combination question

ostrich(3a AB)June 14, 2013

Hi everyone,

I have given up the idea of doing a climbing rose in my backyard - instead, I am going to do a combination of clematis! I would like to have a grouping of 3 different colours. I suppose they need to be in the same group (C) and hardy enough for this west facing location that does get much sun and some wind (chinook! Ouch!) during winter. That said, it is by a fence so perhaps that provides some protection.

Anyway, I am wondering what you think of these combinations? I saw a stunning Jackmanii and Huldine combination in the Clematis Forum - that was totally stunning! However, I want a bit more colour than that... so what do you think of these potential combos?

1. Jackmanii Superba + Huldine + Ernest Markham

2. Jackmanii Superba + Huldine + Hagley Hybrid

3. Gypsy Queen + Huldine + Ernest Markham

4. Gypsy Queen + Huldine + Hagley Hybrid

5. Any other combination that you would recommend!

Thanks so much for your advice!

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SouthCountryGuy Zone 4b-5 SE BC(Zone 4b-5 SE BC Canada)

From pictures only I think #1 would be stunning.

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ostrich(3a AB)

Thanks so much, SCG!

I like that too. Now, from what I read, GQ has larger flowers than JS, but is it just as hardy and floriferous, I wonder?


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SouthCountryGuy Zone 4b-5 SE BC(Zone 4b-5 SE BC Canada)

Make sure you send pictures of what you decide. I am doing an arched trellis into my backyard next year and am thinking the exact same thing...I, too, had wanted a climbing rose but think it is out of the question.

oh Decisions decisions.....


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

A climbing rose is a lot of work, tying it to a trellis and then taking it down in the fall. I have one, but won't get anymore.

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I just looked up all those for pics and think my favorite combo is #4 I like that JQ has more petals than JM. Also think that EM is too close in color to JM and JQ I like the 3 distinct color mix the best. JMO but do post pics of the final combo I love pics.

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jetred(3 Mb)

I have Jacmanii and Ville de Leon. Had them together for years!

I also have a "John Cabot" rose that acts as a climbing rose. It is almost at the top of the house wall by now. Grows to 10 feet. No killback this winter, considering the cold. Must have been the piles of snow we had! I keep it tied up in a couple of places, and trim it to act like a climber.

Happy gardening!

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ostrich(3a AB)

Thanks, everyone!

Even though Gypsy Queen may look nicer than Jackmanii Superba, I Think that JS may be a bit more floriferous and hardier than GQ, so I have decided to go with:

Jackmanii Superba + Ernest Markham + Huldine

Now I need to put up some trellis for them to climb! These are only 1 gallon plants so I am not sure when they will be big enough to have some decent blooms... guess I will be patiently waiting! Thanks again.

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