ficus alli ailing

WojtekSJune 2, 2014

I bought a tree about 8' with a long root that was cut off by the seller. The tree was outdoors. I planted it in a pot which I was told was too small when I reported that leaves were falling. I replanted in a larger pot 19" x 18" tall with organic potting soil, very loose with white fluff inside. I also put about an inch of rocks on the bottom to facilitate drainage. The tree is next to a window with a good amount of light. Leaves have begun to fall off at a very rapid pace 30 a day. The tips are brown. I don't know if I am over watering or under watering or what the problem is. Please help

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I am adding pictures, very strange but it appears I can only add one at a time.

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also white film on some leaves

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grrr4200(z3 MI)

Beautiful tree, that's not going to be enough light for it. From past experience, anytime the roots are trimmed it's a good rule of thumb to decrease the canopy size as well. Hopefully AL will see this post and give some advice as well, but I believe it's going to drop leaves because it cannon support such a vast canopy with a small root system, probably dealing with some transplant shock as well. Gorgeous tree, any updates?

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I've had the 6ft ficus for a year, and for six months nothing but serenity.

Then major leaf loss, not too worried but found it was root bound.
-Repotted, cleaned the roots trimmed the monster ones and then it got a mite infestation
-Treated the infestation successfully
-Still weeks after massive loss, but only from internal canopy, falling leaves a in good condition some with small dark tips, and some crinkled
-Yet I have great new young growth on the outer and especially top canopy
-Its watered once a week, sparingly so not to have wet pot
the pot is huge and has a drainage hole with saucer
-I mist the tree, two three times a week
Any one have any advice?
Would fertiziling it do any good?

Every morning its guess how many leaves its dropped!!

Please help

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Growth at the top of the canopy

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Internal canopy is bare???

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