A few pics of my garden from tonight.

mystic_dragon72(6b)July 9, 2010

While hubby was cooking dinner on the grill I took a few shots of the garden to share with y'all.

Not much blooming yet but it still is looking pretty good... need to weed some more as the grass is taking over but I'm not too worried about it as it's giving the Japanese beetles something to munch on other than my lilies.



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It looks like you have a charming garden indeed.

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MollyDog(6 PA)

Your lilies are beautiful!

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Beautiful! I have been looking at those freckled lilies - they are so interesting - do you like them in the garden?

It does add a deep happiness to our lives to see things that are responding to our work. Lovely...

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janepa(Z5-6 PA)

Very pretty. I need to add more asiatic/oriental lilies to my garden. I have a lot of day lilies but since the bloom only last a day the display is dependent on how many buds each spike produces.

What are your favorites?

Thanks. Jane

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Lovely lilies. Does fragrance fill the air in the evening?


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Well thank you everyone! :-)))

I wish I didn't plant all those annuals the way I did though.. you can hardly see the lilies in amongst all the other flowers. Oh well, guess I shoulda realized the lilies wouldn't grow to their mature height in the first year... live and learn I suppose.

Those freckled lilies are quite beautiful IMO... but the yellow ones aren't opening properly due to the heat.. the orange ones opened up nicely however. I do love lilies.. they are my favorite flower out of pretty much all... but they look nice when mixed with other flowers that accentuate their color and beauty.

I was going to put some daylilies in the garden on the other side of my front steps but I never did get around to buying any... this year anyways. That area got filled up with Cleome!! I didn't know there were that many as hubby used to cut in where that garden is located so the amount of plants there shocked us both... he loves those so that's a good thing though. As far as my favorite lily? That's a hard question... although I do find myself gravitating towards the dark red ones though so I guess out of all the ones blooming right now I'd have to say the Black Out lily would be my favorite... although in another week or so I guess my Landini lily will be blooming so that will be my fav too!! LOL... just can't make up my mind!

Fragrance.... hmm... not really yet.. but only because the ones blooming right now don't have much fragrance except for the white one.. that's called Eyeliner and it has a mild scent. Once the OT lilies bloom though the smells should waft into the house as they are planted right under my living room window. ;-)

Thanks again for all the compliments.. and for ignoring all the weeds that are visible in those photos.. LOL


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memo(Zone 4B Nebraska)

Very pretty, Cheryl. Thanks for sharing your pictures.


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lily51(OH 5)

Beautiful flowers..I especially like the red lilies. Thanks so much for sharing.

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I never get tired of looking at flowers even in photos. Very lovely. Thank you for posting them.

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I love your lilies too! It looks like you're having much better luck than I have had in their first year, only a few bloomed, but those I liked so much I plan to add more.

We are so lucky to like gardening, and thank you for sharing.

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Those beautiful silver background plants were weeds???????

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Well gee.. thanks y'all for the comments! I guess I did get lucky with my lilies but I lend that to where I got them from rather than anything I did. They were high quality bulbs that were LARGE when delivered.. so I really didn't have anything to do with how well they bloomed. Speaking of blooming.. another lily bloomed today but it got ruined by all the rain.. not that I'm complaining because we desperately needed all the rain we got... wish it had of been more but most of the plants were all laying down on the ground after... oh well.

Those leaves you see in the background of the photos are mostly annuals.. however the grass that is invading my gardens is quite visible as well in most of them. I was able to pull out most of the weeds after the ground got soaked by the rain.

I have different plans for next year though... I will still put some of the shorter flowers around the lilies but the taller ones I'm planning on putting on the other side of the steps... which I didn't post a photo of here but I will soon.


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