Rain lilies for naturalizing

castorpJanuary 23, 2010


I'm thinking about planting lots of rain lilies amongst my blue eyed grass, and I'm wondering what's the best type. I want one that takes care of itself. The area gets very little compost or irrigation.

I've been investigating and there are so many types of rain lilies. Floridata recommends Z. grandiflora, which is very pink. It says this is the one that usually grows wild around old home sites and that it's often mislabeled in catalogs as Habranthus robustus. Very few bulb places have it for sale--unless they're selling it under other names. The rainlilies I see growing "wild" around the neighborhood (usually in bahia grass lawns) are white or very light pink and papery looking. It looks more like the local native rain lily but I don't think it is.

Right now I only have some yellow rain lilies with small flowers. They're almost weedy,they reseed so much, but I'm thinking they might look good in mass in the blue eyed grass.

Have any of you had any luck with low care/no care rain lilies. Which type works best for you?



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whgille(FL 9b)

Hi Bill

I don't know much about rain lilies but I have seen them all over my neighbors yards, they are white and light pink like you said.

I am also looking for no care, no die with the freeze plants. :)


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Om'gosh! I've given away rain lilies by the bucket full! (the soft pink kind) If I have any bulbs left, you're welcome to them. Will check later this morning. coras

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I got some from thonotarose at a swap in the fall. She seems to have a good spot to grow them. They don't seem to like my yard but I'll see what happens in the spring if I get flowers. She gave me two varieties and I don't know the name of either. Maybe she'll put her 2 cents worth in on the subject.

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sharbear50(6a Bella Vista)

It seems there are many types of this plant. I went to Ebay and boy oh boy, there is a whole page of them for "S". They are all so pretty.

Here is a link that might be useful: Zephyranthes Grandiflora

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I have found small rain lily bulbs for sale at HD in the spring. When they bloom and go to seed I sprinkle the seeds near the bulbs to make more. :o)

I'd like to get some of the bigger ones too.

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KaraLynn(z9 FL, Inverness, Citrus)

I have a bunch of the native white and the non-native darker pink rain lilies as well as some of the paler pinks and yellows. The white have hardier leaves which won't get damaged by freezes but they are pickier about blooming. They only bloom in the spring to early summer and only after a good rain. It's hard to trick them into blooming with just the sprinkler. On the other hand they smell wonderful although you have to get down on their level to smell them. The whites also seem to like richer and wetter soil then the non-native rain lilies.

The leaves of the darker and larger pink rain lilies will die back in a freeze but are quick to bounce back once the weather warms up. The flowers aren't fragrant but they are very prolific and bloom most of the year. Unlike the whites it's easy to get the pinks to bloom with sprinklers. They tend to form dense clumps of bulbs fairly quickly as well as spreading by seed. I have a large mass of these by the end of my driveway that only get watered by the rain and they have multiplied quite nicely for me.

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bill-you know that 'azalea park' on amelia and penn? that bed in the middle is rain lilies... they thrive there. they're large and pink. bloom most of the summer, and they pop up all over the park... just saying, there might be some that need to be weeded...

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Thanks so much to you all for the information

Kara, it's good to know about the native rain lilies. I was wondering about those and how difficult they would be. I'm afraid they would not do very well in my hot sandy yard--especially with the spring drought. I see them blooming sometimes in low areas when I drive up through Ocala. I think I told you on the other thread that your pink rain lilies are gorgeous. That picture is what got me thinking about them.

Ill, I may just stop by that park and do a little "weeding." I can't remember if those are the light pink/rose ones or if they're strong pink like Kara's. My neighbor has very light pink, almost white. I may see if she'll let me have some seeds/bulbs.

I'm hoping to propagate the yellow rain lilies I have, and I may dig up some other types from my Dad's garden up in Ga. We'll see which work best. I'd love to build up a collection of reliable ones.

Thanks again. I keep looking on e-bay and other sites at all the different types. These things fascinate me.


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tomncath(St Pete Z10a Heat 10)

How picky are they? Will they grow in containers?

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tom they've grown and flowered for me in a container WITH NO SOIL so, yes...

bill debary nursery has them @ reasonable prices...

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tomncath(St Pete Z10a Heat 10)

Cool Michael, I definitely have to have some!


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Where is Bill Debary Nursery? do they have a website? TIA

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debary nursery is in debary... not worth the drive for you! surely you can find them somewhere nearby...

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So far, I've only found the small ones at HD sometimes. I'll try calling around, thanks. :o)

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