Fig Trees From Greece

cmickel743June 8, 2011

We are looking to buy a fig tree from Greece. My father who was born in Greece passed away. We want to plant a tree in his memory in our yard. We live in South NJ zone 6. One variety I was looking at is "vasilika sika". We would appreciate any help.



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Vasilika Sika is not sold in nurseries in US, nor you can buy one from Greece and get it shipped here.

You have to find someone willing to sell you its cuttings. Jon at "encanot farms" or Bass at "Trees of joy" could help you.

Encanto farms;

Trees of joy;


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The vasilika sika is a very expensive tree if you find someone who will sell it to you. Expect to pay $100+ for it. Mine died back this year so, but is now 1 foot tall with suckers, make sure it will work in your area.

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That's a big price for VS. I know its harder to get but the price is a Wow. I got mine from Encanto Farms. It has been a slow grower for the last 2 season but this year, I started fertilizing early and it responded very well. Its a definite candidate for air layering & I better have a spare.

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Last I check EF was out.

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