Infestation on Cranberry Bush ID

gerry1(2b Sk)July 7, 2008

Cranberry bush infested with aphids along with purple bugs with spots.One would think a bug that looks that unusual would be easy to identify - not! Can anyone ID this one - beneficial or another pest needing to be dealt with?

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It looks like the larva stage of the Seven Spotted Ladybug - a beneficial insect. They will eat all the aphids you have! Marg

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

It looks like it might be a leaf hopper or a shield bug of some sort. Can you get a clearer photo?

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gerry1(2b Sk)

Would that it was that 7 spotted ladybug! Thinking to beneficial as we found so many aphids and wondered if they were there for lunch. Having googled know it's none of the above.

It's not my Cranberry bush - will call and see if they can try for a clearer pic. Also am needing someone to add the photo. Maybe lessons in doing photos will happen - now that would be a plus!

It's really a weird looking bug - soft bodied, purple with distinct round pink spots. Have spent one lot of time googling, absolutely nothing that comes close. I think adult as there were some small larva as well with similar coloring. Definitely not an elephant!

Meanwhile open to any suggestions as to what it could possibly be.

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I also am thinking it is a larvae of a lady bug...

There are all sorts of lady bugs and the larvae look slightly different in each kind.

About 1/2 way down in this site there is one that is very similar to yours.


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gerry1(2b Sk)

Seems googling didn't get me pics that looked to be the same - an entomolgist friend of mine just confirmed that it is indeed a lady bug nymph! How good is that! Thank you for your help. Pics I had been looking at just didn't look at all the same - but seeing as we are talking nymph stage ... a whole new ball game. Beneficial - now that is good news!

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