cuttings exchange for canadiens or others

theman7676June 13, 2011

anyone for fig cutting exchange?

i am in Onatrio, Canada and have couple of cuttings i am trying to root of natalina fig variety....i actually see little roots that come out already....

i would love to have another type of grow in a pot

not sure if i can mail to US or receive from them - if yes, then this trade is open to all with great pleasure

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Hi i have a few types of cuttings that i started a few months ago if your willing to trade.

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sure massimo - that would be great.
i have your email address so i will send you an email

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Hi Massimo,
I have a bunch of cuttings of 2 varieties...Celeste and Hardy Chicago. Some of the hardy Chicago have leaf buds that are growing but not sure if there are roots yet. I still have some not potted up and also a bunch of the Celeste.

Hi Therman,
Can I send to Canada with out troubles? If so, I can send you some.

You can both email me if your interested.


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andrew - i will love some
sent you an email
thank you

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Check out this site; (Onatrio, Canada) Adriano's Figs:

Here is a link that might be useful: Adriano's Fig Trees

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It is nice to exchange fig cuttings!

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