yellowing leaves

puprisam_2008June 14, 2008

I bought a house last summer with a well established fig tree in the backyard. I have noticed that some of the leaves are turning yellow. It seems to start on the edges (kind of like an outline) and then moves toward the center. I haven't lost any leaves yet and they don't seem to be curling up or drying on the edges. I live in the Houston area. Any ideas on what it might be and what I should do? Thanks

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I have the same problem. I just saw the bottoms leaves of my Brown turkey fig tree turn yellow and fall off this morning. Does anyone know why that happens?

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There are at least two possible reasons for leaves turning yellow and dropping, and they are at two extremes. If your tree isn't getting enough water some of the older leaves will turn yellow and drop. If this has happened you probably should have noticed signs of the tree needing water - such as drooping. Another thing that eventually leads to leaves turning yellow and dropping is too much water (rain, watering, humidity). If this happens the leaves could develop rust. The end result of rust on fig leaves is that as it gets hotter and hotter the leaves with rust eventually turn yellow and fall off.

I'm sure there are other possible explanations, but I have seen and experienced both of the above.


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Thanks for the insight. I think I'm watering my fig tree too much. Like everyday. I see the figlets growing and it's hot, so I figure it needs more water. I gather I'll hold off a couple of days.


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Yeah, I've found that most of my container figs "like" for the soil to dry out somewhat. Eventually in the process of the soil drying out the plant's leaves will begin to droop - particularly at the distal buds. I try to water just before the drooping would start. I use my finger to check the dryness of the soil in the pots to help with this timing. After a little observation you learn how often the various plants need to be watered (allowing for variances in weather).


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Hmmm...I don'tknow. The odd thing is that I haven't lost any leaves yet. And it's just one small section of the tree so I don't know if it's a water issue. I've contacted my county agent and will take some leaves in for them to look at. Thanks!

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