Lava Flow Blooms Again. And lilies and roses.

newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)June 7, 2012

LAVA FLOW. It had two flowers today but I could only get one in the frame as they were pointing in opposite directions!

SARATOGA SPRINGTIME has been blooming in a nice clump each day.

Terraces garden has the lilies up top for color while we wait for the daylilies. Veggie containers still hanging out there in front lol!

These Tango lilies bloom up top there.

Other lilies bloom in the daylily bed. I bought mixed colors when I planted them last year. But I have only red or pink. I have to add more there.

Some lilies in another daylily bed.

The back yard daylily plateau is no where near ready for bloom.

Red Roses blooming in the backyard. Sometimes the HEARTS OF FIRE daylilies in front of them bloom with them but not this year.

How about a view of the front yard?

Roses out front.

More roses out front.

Black Eyed Stella in the back yard.

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Brittie - La Porte, TX 9a

I love your garden! Never get tired of seeing pictures. What's the name of the red roses in the first rosey picture? Ridiculously pretty. You have the healthiest foliage ever.

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Ah me! Those rose achingly beautiful! The lilies really look good, and Lava Flow and Saratoga Springtime are great startes, but ah the roses.

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OMG, roses out front are unbelievably beautiful! What a sight to see, thanks for posting. Lava Flow looks very good, and I like the pic of backyard daylilies, looks so thick and green!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

brittie, Thanks! That red rose is LAVAGLUT. It is my favorite of all my roses and I have a lot of roses. As for the folliage I spray with a systemic fungicide which I mix with Neptunes liquid fertilizer.

Kay, I know you love the roses and they really are looking especially lovely this year. But at least you have your own lovely roses to enjoy whenever you want in your own yard.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Nat, thank you. We cross posted or I would have said thanks before!

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

Your Lava Flow is still looking good. All your rose shots are spectacular.

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shive(6b TN)

I love the photo of the Tango lilies keeping watch over the veggie garden down below. The red roses are always a hit, as are the many, many roses in the front. Lava Flow looks like it had a better opening today. It's nice and round and bright!


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Thanks, Val. I just love the spring rose flush.

Debra, is is bright and sunny today and was dreary and rainy for Lava Flows first bloom. And it is difficult to get another angle of the Tango lilies as shooting up never works. Sometimes I just take a picture looking sideways!

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Nancy zone 6

I love seeing your garden, and the roses are so very beautiful! Love Lava Flow, that is really a gorgeous, perfect bloom.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

WOW!!!!RITA;The back yard is gorgeous, with LAVA FLOW and them gorgeous lilies.The Tango lilies are beautiful,and so are them red ones, too. Its just all gorgeous, Then the front yard with all them gorgeous roses. its a sight to behold, so beautiful.


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