Should my New Daylilies be Growing by Now?

nutsaboutflowers(2b/3a)July 8, 2010

I planted a bunch of new daylilies about 3 weeks ago. They were quite big when I received them.

Shouldn't I be getting some new leaves by now? The plants look healthy enough as far as I can tell, they're just not doing anything.

I have 2 small scapes coming, but no sign of new growth on any of them. I think I planted 15 of them. Good Grief, I should remember.......

I planted them in a new lasagna bed. Do you suppose they are reasonably happy with their new home, but just not thrilled enough to sprout new leaves ? =:)

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I would assume that they are putting all their effort into making a new root system for themselves.

Which daylilies did you get and where did you get them from?

I am quite excited...I am heading into the States in a few weeks for a daylily convention/summer meeting in Bismarck/Mandan. 3 days of daylilies with tours, judging workshops, food, speakers, etc. Should be great!


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Brenda - I sure like your choice of destination/activites for your holiday. Sure beats when people go to some concrete covered city.....

I got my daylilies from Mother and Daughter's Daylilies in Ontario. I bought April in Paris, Dream Legacy, Panda Bear, and Velvet Beads. They "took the liberty" of increasing my order by one plant so that I could get their discount. I ended up, obviously, with more plants for less money. They also sent me two extras as a gift, but at the moment I can't remember which one.

I guess I'll be more patient with my plants. Since they still look healthy, you're probably right about the roots =:)

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I agree with Brenda. I rec'd my order from Montfort early spring and planted them up. They took a few weeks to settle but when they did they really started to take off! I bought 7 and 4 have flowered, 2 are still in bud. The last one is just putting on growth but it will come. Marg

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