Comparing Swiss Chards

happy_fl_gardenerJanuary 12, 2009

I decided to try a few different Swiss chards this year to see how they would do. Ill-man gave me some Seafoam chard to try. I also started a variety called French chard. Another friend gave me a couple of dozen seedlings of what she calls Perpetual chard. I have some young seedlings of Charlotte chard and Perpetual Spinach (beet chard) waiting to be planted.

This picture is of Seafoam chard and French chard. The Seafoam chard has a lighter color and has crinkled leaves.

This picture is one of my rows of Perpetual chard.

The Perpetual chard looks nearly the same as the French chard in the garden, but when you look at the plant the differences can be seen. The French chard has very white ribs while the other one is very pale green. The French chard's leaf is a little thicker. Taste seems to be similar.

You will have to look closely to see the seedlings. The left tray has the Charlotte chard. It has a lot of red coloring, similar to beets. The other tray has Perpetual spinach/Beet spinach. It doesn't have any red coloring. I will have to post pics of those later when they grow up.

Also, my new Organic Gardening magazine came in the mail today. On page 64-69 it features an article called "The Power of Greens". It has some nice pictures, nutritional and food prep info about the top four greens: "kale is king", "colorful chard", "top of the turnips", and "super spinach". Interesting reading. Check it out.


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I've been hearing a lot about swiss chards. I've never had them before but I just planted some in my garden called Fordhook. I can't wait to try these. I think I am going to look for more kinds to try this season. Thanks

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The seafoam looks a lot like lucullus to me. Does it cook down very tender? Lucullus cooks like spinach.

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Very nice looking garden !
Congrats - all your hard work shows .
You inspire me to be a braver gardener and try new things .
Thank you !

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your french swiss chard (weird) is doing really well in my garden--better, maybe, than the seafoam, tho i really love the look of the seafoam. in the spring, when the snails come out, i've found that the savoy texture (crinkle) discourages the snails. the seafoam, when cooked, is indistinguishable from other chards. it darkens.

ftlmom, chard is everything that spinach is, only it tastes good.

christine--this is our house staple for chard. it is just fabulous, and if you're good at pastry (as my wife is), you can throw it together in a matter of minutes.

Here is a link that might be useful: chard pie

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whgille(FL 9b)

Very nice looking Chard varieties, and they are all good for you.
I am growing your variety Charlotte, Bright Lights and other one I prefer, an Italian green variety with beautiful white, tender stalks.
Good tip on the magazine, I will look it up.

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ftlmom: Fordhook is my favorite chard. Have grown it for years in more northern states. I planted some from Burpee Seed company last year and it did fine until some leaf liking critters destroyed most of it. It grows rapidly but prefers to be far out of direct sunlight in the FL. summers.

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