What to do with new fig tree?

samuelszs(7b)June 7, 2013

I was just given this cute, little celeste fig. No instructions came for planting. I have a general idea, but is there anything special I need to do for a fig? Thanks so much! I am so excited!!

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First that is a nice tree and the Celeste is a great cultivar. I downloaded your photo and flipped it to gain an appreciation of the plant. It appears it is in a peat moss or manure pot. I recommend stripping the pot away but using the material in a compost pile or you can break it up and put it in the pot or hole you transplant the Celeste in. Ideally you should plant the tree in the ground that gets plenty of sun since you live in zone 7b. Please remember figs are different then other trees and can be planted deeper then the current crown. The deeper you plant it the more likely it will survive the worst mother nature can throw at you. If you don't want or can't plant the tree in the ground I recommend potting up the plant in Dr Al Tapla's soil mixture. It is what I use for my fig trees.

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Johnsvmf is right but may I just add that figs hate standing water so please pick a spot with good drainage. Fig trees grow great against a house or building but celeste is so hardy it can be planted in a field in 7b without issues so you might want to save those spots for a less hardy variety. We all started with 1 fig tree, now we all have several. it's called fig fever and you may be susceptible to it too so try to save the protected sites for more excotic varities later down the road like black mission, peters honey, green ischia, ect all commercially available but rated zone 8 and up. they will grow in zone 7a unprotected if grown against a structure that absorbs heat. There are also plenty of fig varieties that are not commercially available but do great in your zone. check ebay for rarer plants, or ask around for cuttings and propagate your own. Good luck, and if you feel like you're getting fig fever there only 1 thing for it, take 2 cuttings and pot them in the morning:)

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Hi, samuelszs:

You have a lovely, beautiful fig tree!
If you think of keeping it in a pot, you need to replace the current pot to a bigger, stronger container. Also I recommend a plant caddy, see below:

Easy to move the fig tree around (saving your back) as the root system grows to a heavy bunch!

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Lovely tree.

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