Blue Arrow Juniper

steve5693October 2, 2007

Hello, I have 2 Grey Owls spaced about 20 ft. apart and would like to plant two Blue Arrow Junipers in between. Problem is, there's no local nurseries that carry them in my central Nebr. area, and I can't find any mail-order nurseries that offer them either. Does anyone know of any online/mail order places I could check? Also, any alternative suggestions, aside from Skyrocket, that might be offered? Am looking for something tall-ish and narrow, and pref. blue or grey. Thanks for any advice.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

link below to girards.. lots of juniper listed ... but note the weird way to change pages near the bottom of the juniper pages.. there are 5 pages total .... i have gotten good stock from them ...

also.. try here:

but ... WHY MORE JUNIPERS???? why do they HAVE TO BE junipers... i have some green giants near a 200 foot line of 30 year old grey owl look alikes.. and frankly .. the difference in texture is very pleasing ...

i understand the upright part.. just not the monoculture of junipers ...

if you move away from the requirement of juniper.. there are a lot of really cool upright plants .. the sky is the limit ... and bluer.. and more resistant to the plagues of junipers ....

but hey.. its your garden.. knock yourself out ...

good luck


Here is a link that might be useful: lots of junipers

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

Steve .. its your lucky day ... i am cataloging the garden with pix ... so i snapped you 3 of my row ... of WHAT I WAS TOLD .... were grey owl look alikes...

these plants were probably planted 30 to 35 years ago ... about.. 10 feet on center .... frankly .. over that time range.. you don't need to fill in the space ...


note the bluish spruce in the middle.. they are planted about 10 to 12 feet back from the tips.. where the property line is ....

here are the green giant arbs ...

and here you can see why i need them.. block the ugly neighbor house ... and yes.. as soon at the weather cools enough for sweatshirt and jeans.. i am going in to kill the grapes invading them.. like i have to every year ...

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Thanks Ken, so glad you had the pics on hand. I esp. like the differing textures/color contrast in the second pic. I don't know Arbs from Adam, does your Green Giants hold their color during winter? (trying to avoid evergreens that look like burnt toast Nov. thru April). I'm on the border of zones 4/5 - is that suitable for them? And do any of the varieties come in blue (and pref. narrow-ish)? Thanks again.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you are welcome ...

i cant answer all your questions in less than a 400 page book .... so good luck with that ...

i suspect the GGiants might be too big for you application ...

as noted.. i am in pix mode .. i will be posting a lot of pix in the next few weeks ... ask specific questions about specific plants ... and start your quest at the American conifer society website.. read all the intro articles.. and use the database for in depth info about pix you see .. and Google the Latin names.. and check Google IMAGES for much more info ...

fianlly .. its really hard to suggest a plant for an unknown application... words are nice.. pix would really help ....

so much info.. so little time.. continued luck


Here is a link that might be useful: ACS

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irisblues(7b GA)

Is 'Blue Arrow' a J. scopulorum or J. virginiana? I've seen it listed both ways. I am in 7b, Georgia; if it's scopulorum I don't know that it will thrive here. The narrow form and color are perfect for a current project. I am not thrilled with the ultra-narrow hollies, much rather use a cedar. Thanks!

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coniferfreak(z6 PA)

Great pics, Ken! How wide would you say those Grey Owls are? They look pretty wide.. not sure I could pull that off here... we're a bit more limited at our borders...

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I didn't notice this post last fall but if Steve is still looking, Lincoln, Ne carries Blue Arrow in our local Earl May stores if that's not too far to drive. They have other tall narrow blue conifers as well.

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irisblues, virginiana 'Blue Arrow' (see 'Monrovia Nursery' website) or do a search here at GW.


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