Leaves Tipped with Black

clairecathyJune 19, 2011

I have a young fig in gritty mix and I've been using Foliage Pro -- 12 drops in 1 gallon of water -- when I water about every 3-4 days. I've also been using 4 teaspoon of white vinegar per gallon because the water is so hard here. Suddenly I'm seeing tips on some of the leaves that are black, as if burned. I will try to post the pictures I have, a close-up where you can see on the tips and also one of the whole plant so you can get an idea of its general well-being. When I read about discolored leaves the advice is always about watering too much or too little. Does this apply to black tips?

Hm. Can anyone tell direct me to the info on how to post pictures?



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Maybe I should have added: I also have a pine-needle mulch on top of the soil.


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Since I can't find any instructions for attaching photos, I'm going to try uploading them to one of my websites and giving the links here:
www.taichiwest.com/private1/Black Tips Close-Up.jpg
www.taichiwest.com/private1/Whole Fig Tree.jpg

Claire, hoping

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Hi Claircathy,
this is one of the ways.
You can use photobucket looked up in google search and once you register > you upload pictures there. Once you upload the picture there put your mouse arrow over the picture you uploaded and some codes will appear under that picture.

You copy and paste the HTML code into your posting message, the others you see will not work below that picture only the HTML one.
There also is another you can look up called Tiny Pics that is similar but i never tried that one.
Good luck.

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Thanks so much Martin. That didn't hurt at all. :)

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