Ficus identification help

MatumboJune 27, 2011

Hey all, first time user here. I recently purchased my first house plant and Im quite the rookie when it comes to taking care of it. I was under the assumption that it was just a regular rubber plant but after looking at pictures of rubber plants on google, I realized that it doesn't look quite like all the results. Its the one in the bottom left of this picture with the green/burgundy hue with yellow veins.


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It does look like a "rubber" plant to me.
Remember that most plant have variants.
I have seen rubber plants with plain-green,
burgundy and even variegated leaves.
I only had the plain green one, a long time ago.
It was too vigorous for me and got rid of it.
I thing that the burgundy one is much less vigorous.

For the specific variant-name, your plant should
have come with a tag saying what it is?
If not, consider going back to the store that it was
bought from; and either ask or look at the same
plants that may still have the name-tag...

Else, continue googling till you find the exact
picture with the variant-name match... good luck.

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