Lost almost all my breba growth

recoil_rob(6)June 2, 2011

About 5 weeks ago the trees came out of the garage, they were beginning to bud out. There were plenty of breba growths on them. Another two weeks and all three trees were covered with tiny fruits the size of peas.

The leaf growth has been spectacular but today I took a careful look under the leaves and each tree has 2-4 large fruits but no more small ones. There seem to be scars where they dropped off, I found 2-3 on the ground, shriveled up.

They are in large tubs with Al's mixture and they are watered daily and fed Foliage Grow weakly, weekly.

Any idea's?

Will I get another crop?



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Your cultivars are not breba producing figs but main crop mainly.
Of course even so,they manage in good years to keep a few brebas,that will develop without caprification,and be persistent.
If your figs were in Central California and you supplied branches of male caprifig,containing male fruits with live wasps inside and fresh polen,then all breba would have persisted and you would have had a large Breba harvest.
However,in your zone 6,if by a miracol the breba would have stayed on,and get ripe,then,the main crop would have never got ripe in your zone 6.
Because most breba fell off,your main crop figs will come on at the base of leaves,shortly now.
They would have been already visible now,as big as a kernel of corn,if you would have removed your breba figs,from when they appeared,so the tree did not have to feed them till this point.
Another big help would have been if you would have pinched your new growth after the fifth or sixth leaf.
Happy Gardening

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Thank you for the information Herman, I feel better now and will remember for next year. However I have been waiting to start pinching as my plants are just beginning to show their 6th bud on each stem. I will probably be pinching this weekend.

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