Coverage for artificial wall (Fast growing/dense vines)

cammunizmJanuary 24, 2012

Hi everyone.

The back of my residence is south / south west facing which means that during the summers, it bakes. The walls and patio area are white.

I'm looking into building out of bamboo a few large sections of artificial wall to block out as much sun exposure as possible for the coming summer months. They will be slightly away from the house as to not encourage invasion of the home.

I've picked a few from the following link but wanted to get opinions on what I can plant that will provide ample dense coverage in full sun for much of the day. The planters will be on the patio so drought tolerant is going to be a must.

I'm looking at the Florida native ones like: Trumpet Creeper, Lonicera sempervirens, Symphyotrichum carolinianum, Wisteria frutescens



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zzackey(8b GA)

Confederate Jasmine grows fast and is quite dense. It also has a wonderful, sweet fragrance when it is blooming.

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I would vote for Bignonia capreolata - it grows fast and is beautiful when in bloom!

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Zackey: Thanks. Can confederate Jasmine stand being baked for prolong periods in shielded pots? It's not a true jasmine right?

kayjones: Do the big box stores carry Bignonia Capreolata? I might play mix and match.

Appreciate both of you providing great input!

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I planted a number of vines on a long trellis a year ago, Confederate Jasmine, Honeysuckle, morning glory, dutchman's pipe, Passion flower, and Blue Sky vine.
The Passion Flower is doing fine, but pretty much just covers the top of the 6' tall trellis. The Blue Sky vine is definitely the best performing, it's spread and is covering most of the trellis, top to bottom, and is always covered with lovely blue flowers. That's the one I would plant more of.

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Confederate jasmine reaches out as much as two feet away from my neighbor's fence into my yard (strangling my bananas, bamboos, and palms). It's in full sun all year (although in the ground) and never blooms, doesn't smell, and is a HUGE pain to keep trimmed back because of the sticky, milky sap.
I would not wish it on my enemies.

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What about passion fruit or kiwi? I like productive plants so im prone to edibles!

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