Question about repotting.

andrew78(6)June 20, 2011

I am still relatively new here but I got 4 fig cuttings about a month and a half ago.

They were all cuttings that are in 1 gal pots. 2 of them are still small and wont need repotting for a while yet. One of them has roots that are starting to grow out of the pot.

I need to know if should go for a 2 gal pot now, or smaller?

I have not fed them any fert. either because I haven't read up on when and what kind of fert. is best to feed.

Can anyone give me some help here? I would really apreciate it!

Take care,


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Hi Andrew,
this is what has always worked for me.
Yes if you see roots growing out of 1 gallon pot you can go to a 2 or 3 gallon pot.

Yes you can fertilize that particular plant
I keep it simple when it comes to fertilizing with good results by useing miracle grow 24.8.16 formula on box its one scoop > per gallon of water.

There are many fertilizers and the one above is what i use but im sure others work well also.

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Hi Martin,
thanks a lot. I really apreciate your response. I will have to repot here very soon as the roots are really starting to come out the drainage holes and I don't want to break them..

Also, I apreciate the fert. tips. How often do you recommend feeding them?


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Andrew i dont do recommendations only show in pictures or speak of what works for me in my climate .
Dont want folks throwing there figs at me if something goes wrong with ones fig tree. ; )

I feed my plants weekly and sometimes more depending on the weather rain-heat. I stop all fert early Aug or even late July.
Best Luck

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