large brown/purple fig id

houstontexas123(z9a)June 11, 2011

visited my aunt today to help her setup her wireless laptop, she had these large brown/slightly purplish figs. 2-2.5" wide. kinda short. its shape reminds me of the LSU gold. large open eye. good fig flavor, medium sweetness.

we've had like 2 or 3 good rain showers in the past 4 months so there hasnt been any rotting due to the large open eye.

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I am over East of San Antonio myself. Can you post picture of the tree and leaves? That would be a big help. Also, the pics you posted are kind of dark and conceal some of the coloration. Thanks a lot!

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Can't tell if there is a void in the center of the fruit. If so I would say brown turkey.

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here's another pic. they've been sitting on the counter, and have gotten darker. my aunt lives about 45miles away, so it'll prob be a while till i go visit them again. but she has a few rooted branches for me to pick up in the fall.

yes, there is a void in the center. i did a search on several of the more well known brown varieties, and couldnt find one that was large, brown/purplish and flattened. i dont think they were fully ripe, my aunt said they get a bit darker, but since we live so far away and dont visit very often she picked a couple for us to try.

left: flat like in the 1st pic, middle: fairly flat, right: more spherical.

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radiuspr2(z7 NM)

Looks alot like the Fanicks Blue fig from Fanicks Nursery there in San Antonio. If you're close to the nursery go by and compare! Great fig!

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wondering if your mom would be interested in selling or trading a few fresh hardwood cuttings from that tree? check out my tradelist or let me know, please. Thanks!

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Here are pictures I took of the fruit and leaves of the original Fanick's Blue Giant tree located at the nursery on 14 Jun. The fruit were not completely ripe but still tasted pretty good. The nurseryman gave me a few to sample.

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