What kind of bug?

CrazyDaisy_68July 18, 2009

Hey everyone, I know I haven't posted here in a while but I am still around and gardening!

Yesterday my 10-year-old daughter was out in my garden looking at flowers, etc, and came across a bug that she described to me as "it had the shape of a ladybug but just a bit bigger but it was golden! Like shiny gold! Seriously! It looked like it belonged in a museum! Mom have you ever seen a bug like that?." My answer? "Nope"

Anyways, my first thought was blister beetle but aren't they more oval?

Any thoughts?


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Perhaps a Golden Tortoise Beetle?

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It's an Asian lady bug and it consumes large quantities of aphids. Check out this site


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north53 Z1b MB(zone 1b Canada)

To Oilpainter, Thanks so much for posting the link to that site. I was surprised to see how much variety there is in lady bugs! But I found lots of other interesting info and links there also. I've bookmarked the site for later use.

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Sorry for taking so long to get back on this! I had to catch up with my social butterfly and see what she thought of those links if anything would match up. Her comment was that it had the colouring of the tortoise beetle but you could see the legs. When I showed her the lady bug site she said, no not really because the bug she saw did not have any spots. Hmmm... I told her that next time she sees a cool bug to call me so I can snap a pic of it!

BTW that lady bug site is very cool and I had no idea either that there were so many types!

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