How have your gardens been weathering these storms?

macky77(2a)July 5, 2012

I'm in rural Saskatchewan (a ways east of Saskatoon) and these storms have been hitting our veg garden hard. We've had hail twice, but it hasn't been as damaging as the high winds. I'm tired of tornado watches and warnings and trekking out to the garden to find shredded leaves and broken and flattened plants. I've replanted my bush beans once already and the second set is shredded again.

There's no time to replant the pole beans, dry beans, pumpkins or tomatoes, but I was hoping to replant at least the broccoli and the bush beans. Is there time or am I wasting my energy?

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Sorry to hear about the damage to your garden.

We've had a lot of wind and pouring rain and the trees haven't been happy, but the veggie garden has been fine. The fence must have protected the bottom area of the yard. I do, however, have tomatoes in buckets, which I've moved into the garage every time there's been bad weather. I'm getting tired of lugging them around, but I'm bound and determined to get decent tomatoes this year, no matter what. Surprisingly, the tomatoes in the ground are fine so far.

I think I'd replant bush beans but I doubt there's time for the broccoli. However, it can't hurt to try. You may find established tomato plants at clearance prices that may be worth purchasing.

Did you see those Mammutus clouds after the storm last week? If so, weren't those the coolest things you've ever seen? Wikipedia has a really good picture.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

There should be time for broccoli, actually. I've planted seeds at the beginning of July and had a late crop. They're pretty hardy and would likely withstand a couple of light frosts.

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No, I didn't get to see the mammutus clouds in person, but I think our in-laws did (they're further south). Their barn roof was blown off and smashed to smitherines. They've got bushes on all four sides of their garden, so theirs is fine, despite the damage to other parts of the yard. We, however, are unprotected on the west side of the garden close to a gap in the south side of our treeline and there's nothing but farm fields around us. Of course, the majority of these winds have been hitting us straight from the southwest, right through our weak spot. I think I will reseed more bush beans and take a chance trying the broccoli for fall. Our eldest (6) looked like she was going to cry when she saw all the broken plants. Broccoli and peas are the kids' favourite vegetables and the beans are mine. We freeze a lot for the winter.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

That's too bad!
It was damage control last nigth for me from the horrible wind, tying straight a crooked tree, fix a blown over fence, broken and whipped badly some newly planted raspberry canes, blown down some fleece cover from honyberry bushes.
Everything is in a very protected area but still this much damage. Trees got whipped around pretty good, a Trailman crabapple broke a good size limb off with apples, haven't evaluated everything.
I got hail twice last year but hail season has just started.
It would be stretching to put bush beans in but one never know unless you try.
Always something, if it's not this,.. it's that!
The only good thing out of this was the one inch of rain we had here.

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I've had broccoli shrug off hard frosts down to -10 C, so I think you can definitely get away with planting it. You could always throw some covers over it at night in October if gets cold too fast (it will need some exposure to light frosts before it can start tolerating hard frosts).

Because of the heatwave coming, you might be better off starting them indoors where you can keep the seeds reliably cool and moist and transplant them out a couple weeks later.

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As long as you have the time and energy, I say go for it and replant the bush beans if the 2nd set is completely dead. And I hope you didn't rip out your tomatoes yet, you would be surprised how they can come back!

Almost 20 years ago when I began gardening, my mom gave me 5 'medium' tomato plants (as she called them, I didn't know about the different classifications ie cherry, cocktail, beefsteak, roma etc - she just called them medium sized). June 12 was the mother of all hail storms I've experienced ever, and the tomato plants were left as sticks, of course no leaves, but even their branches were gone. Just one green stalk rising from the ground. I was so disappointed and walked away in disgust, but when I went to take the garbage out to the alley a week later and had to walk past them - they had new shoots (probably the suckers?) budding up, by summer's end I had too many tomatoes. One evening I had 4 willing friends over and told them to bring their biggest popcorn bowls, and filled them all up with tomatoes, leaving my family with still too many. From just 5 plants.

Beans: you may have a long hot summer, and they may sprout faster than in the spring, and grow fast enough that you get most of the crop before frost. I like to support my rows with that cheap moveable wire fencing that can just be poked in the ground, my garden gets a lot of wind gusts that tend to snap the brittle plants and almost loosen them from the ground. The scalloped wire fencing stuff seems to corral the plants in nicely. Last spring the local dollar store was selling black ones for $1 each, they were longer (and more stylish!), maybe about 20 - 24" in length. I stocked up! Handy between tight rows of carrots too, so the green tops don't flop over after heavy rains/watering and things get all moldy beneath.

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The storms have been intense and since the city raised the lane outside our property I did not plant anything for risk of being inundated. Good thing too as we've had lane water 20ft inside the property at the height of the storms. It drains out but the residue it leaves behind is awful. I am in talks with a lawyer but the city is doing a great job at ignoring me. I've never been so depressed as I am at the limit for raising our property.

As for the mammatus clouds this was over my house in Regina. 35mm fell in 45 minutes. All images are mine. There were a couple of great pics on CBC's site.

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Great pictures Collin001. Probably a once in a lifetime thing.

My question is, what on earth would prompt the city to raise your, I assume, back lane?

Are you the only property being affected? What do your neighbours think?

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Wow, really awesome photos!

Just heard that Alberta is to receive heat like has not been experienced since the 60's and of course along with that comes the risk of potentially very severe weather. I'm not one who tolerates high temperatures well, though sure enjoy how it's so quickly advanced the garden ... now, just hope we can squeak by without those dang storms!


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ostrich(3a AB)

Oh no! I just came home this evening and found that my potted Pink Pavement Rose is not doing well! Many of the leaves look dried up and fried, despite my daily watering!!!

Thank goodness, the other potted plants are doing OK. It's so hot here that I have been watering my lawn daily.... hopefully, it will not be for too long.

BTW, do Pavement Roses not tolerate heat well?

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Our lane was built with only drain at the north end. We are the exact center of the block. The houses to other side of us are having as much trouble except they are rental properties so there is less emphasis on flood control. I can tell you many people up and down the block are trenching. I'd say three properties up or down from us. The reason the city raised the lane is that is there was gas line tee replacement and they wanted to raise the center of the lane to acommodate flow. Problem is all the properties are sinking in expansive clay soil. One side of the garage sunk so moving water away from the structure meant going down. I've installed window wells, braced the basement, and installed weeping tile with two submersible sumps to handle the house and get some grade out to the rear of the property. The only way out of this is to get rid of the garage and relevel everything. I won't go that route as I don't want to stay in the area for too many more years. All I can say is I hope I can beat city hall! I've had enough of this town!

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Nice Pics!!

I am enjoying every last min of the heat in GP AB right now makes me feel like home.

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Ostrich, the Pavement roses are pretty darn tough things, though your rose would probably really appreciate being planted in the ground, or at least set it in a semi shaded location during this heatwave. Of course, plants in pots dry out very quickly and those in black pots can have their roots badly damaged by intense heat build up.

Collin, sorry to hear of your troubles.

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It was 38C down at the Calgary Stampede grounds. Phew.

33C at my house. I don't think it went below 25C on Saturday night - I was sweating all night.

It's been years since it was like this. I think 06 or 07 was the last time.

Got pummeled with hail a few weeks ago. Just missed some a few nights ago.

On the plus side I finally got the house exterior painted :)

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