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thonotoroseJanuary 1, 2008

Dear Fruit Buds,

Should I pick my papaya before the freeze arrives? It is large and green and it is also my VERY FIRST ONE!

I have been trying to grow them for well over 10 years. Never could get a male for several years and lost many plants to freezes.

When we moved out of S.Tampa and into to wilds of Thonotosassa, I planted many seeds. Many also sprouted in the compost piles and we now have many plants and at least 4 males.

The main plants are close to and on the south side of a large wooden shed so I am hoping for the best.

But what about my first fruit? Can you help me decide?

I am willing to make a green papaya salad if necessary, but I would much rather taste that sweetness.

Thanks from ThonotoRose

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

I expect to lose my groupings of Papaya trees to this cold snap. There are at least 80-100 fruits on them. I picked 10 today that were beginning to ripen.

I'd suggest picking your fruit, waiting a few days to see if it begins to ripen on your counter, and if it stays green, then do the green papaya salad. Does it have any sugar speckles on it yet? If they are there, it should ripen for you.

There is no way we can eat 10 Papayas at one time, so the chickens will be feasting soon(G).


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treefrog_fl(z10 FL)

Here's another way to use green papayas.
Tinola, a Phillipine soup is delicious.

I also cube green papaya, boil it briefly in a bread and butter pickle brine, for a delicious pickle.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tinola

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Thanks for the recipe's and ideas, I will be taking a bunch off this afternoon...

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Here is a dessert recipe you can try with green papayas:

Papaya Balls-Made as a Xmas candy in the Caribbean

1 papaya, peeled and grated
1 teaspoon lime zest
2 teaspoons lime juice
3/4 cup sugar (per every cup of papaya)
green food coloring or red food coloring

Squeeze excess juice out of the grated papaya.
Measure the papaya: to every cup of papaya, add 3/4 cup sugar.
Mix the papaya, sugar, lime peel and lime juice in a saucepan.
Cook slowly over medium/low heat until the mixture "gels".
Add a few drops of food coloring.
Shape into balls and roll the balls in granulated sugar.

I also cook the green papaya similar to potatoes. I cut into small pieces and add to stews, stewed meats or sauteed with butter and a little salt. My DH always asks why do my 'potatoes' taste so unusual? Who am I to tell him the truth. :)

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks Treefrog for the tinola recipe, I used to eat that when I lived in the Phillipines and Guam. It was delicious. I have some green papaya on my tree right now. I will probably end up losing all the fruit if not the whole tree. Oh well, good luck to everybody. We all can use some good luck right about now...

Lisa, you are absolutely right. This wind is the pits. I have gone out there at least 3 or 4 times already and had to repin and tack everything down. It will probably be for nothing, I am going to be sick if I wake up tomorrow( if I get any sleep at all) and everything is off my trees and plants. SIGH ):

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Thanks to everyone.

I picked the green fruit and the trees look really windburned, but I think they will survive.

TreeFrog, I bought a chicken today and will start the Tinola tomorrow. Thank you!


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treefrog_fl(z10 FL)

Basil leaves work really well in that recipe too.
As do leaves off your pepper plants (traditional in Malaysia), or Malabar Spinach leaves (which grow wonderfully here especially during the warm time of year).

This pickle recipe is always a big hit too, and it lasts forever in the frige.

Cube some green papaya, 3/4-1" cubes.
Make a brine and bring to a boil
3 cups sugar
3 cups white vinegar
1 1/2 tsp turmeric
2 TB mustard seed
1 1/2 tsp celery seed

(or use a couple TBS pickling spice with another 3/4 tsp turmeric)
If you like them a little spicy you could add a pinch of chile flakes to the brine.

Boil the papaya chunks in the brine til still crisp (10 minutes or so, depending on your papaya, they should just begin to be translucent)

You can store them in the refrigerator or do a boiling water bath (10 minutes) in small canning jars if you want to store them in the pantry.

I'm glad you enjoy green papaya salad too.

Sometimes I make long shreds of green papaya and use them like bean sprouts in stir fries or pad thai. Toss it in near the end of cooking.

Hope you enjoy the Tinola!

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Love Pad Thai. Will try that, too.

In all honesty, I posted about the shredded papaya salad in hopes that someone would give their dressing recipe. All I remember is toasted sesame oil, shrimp paste(?) Rice vinegar(?) Is peanut butter in it? Will goggle if necessary...Lol.....

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treefrog_fl(z10 FL)

Pad Thai sauce that I make:

juice of 1/2 a lime
3 or 4 teaspoons fish sauce
2 Tablespoons sugar or a bit less honey
2 Tablespoons tamarind paste
1/2 teaspoon chili flakes

mix this all together to dissolve and develop full flavor.

I put a few drops of toasted sesame oil on the whole dish as it's plated in lieu of crushed peanuts (which are more traditional)

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treefrog_fl(z10 FL)

Som Tum

1 TB tamarind paste dissolved in 1/3 cup warm water
add 2 TB fish sauce (or soy sauce)
juice of 2 limes
2 TB sugar
1 TB water

mash together 8 cloves garlic with 4 small bird peppers (or 1/4 tsp chili flakes) in a mortar with pestle
add to the dressing.

shred 4 cups green papaya (long shreds if possible)
shred 1 carrot
1 cup green beans sliced diagonally into 1 1/2" slices
2 green onions chopped
Mix this all together vigorously bruising all the ingredients to get their juices mixing.

Add the dressing and continue to mix vigorously.

Taste adjust seasonings if you need to.

Serve on lettuce leaves that will be used to pick up the salad to eat.
Top with chopped tomatoes, crushed peanuts or toasted pine nuts, chives, Thai basil leaves, or whatever.

It's usually eaten with sticky rice on lettuce leaves.

It's a great finger food hors d'oeuvre!

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I have all these green papaya and am wondering if it is possible to shred them and freeze them. Has anyone tried this method of preserving? I do like them in stir fry.

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