Any poisonous figs? Or OK to eat the ones on our young tree?

cinnamonsworldJune 17, 2009

They're green, not turning any other color, look like normal figs. Thanks.

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If you are referring to the, "Green Genie" on your homepage that is definitely a ficus carica, but I can't tell which cultivar. The fruit from ficus carcia is not poisonous (provided you're not allergic to latex), however I have read about poor tasting ficus carica figs that you would swear are poisonous:)

Before you sample your fig fruit, you may want to search this forum to determine when a fig is ripe. Generally when a fig is ripe it swells, and droops. Other potential changes include; color change, cracking, and nectar weeping from the fruit. Each cultivar has it's own characteristics and you will have to learn your trees.

Lastly most folks will tell you when you think the fruit is ripe leave it one more day. Hopefully a bird, squirrel or neighbor kid will not beat you to it.

Good Luck

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Still unripe... they taste a lot like golfball-sized Thai eggplants right now. :)

Thanks for the great info though.

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Just curious did you get edible fruit last year ?
Here is picture of my dark type when ripe first picture is a fig almost ready and tempting, the next picture is a fig thats ready to pick as it has what they call the hangmans neck see the little bend at the neck downwards its only support from drooping further down is the leaf stem its resting on.
I would imagine light color types hang similar.But i do know that your fig should swell up as this is a sign that it is starting to ripe is common fig self pollinating type.

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