Who can I sell a large collection of Orchids to?

johnh6789January 22, 2013

Hi All,

With my father recently passing away my Family will probably be downsizing and I need to sell of my Dad's collection of Orchids (maybe keep a few). Does anyone have any idea who might want to buy them? Sorry if this post breaks some rule of this forum. Almost all have tags some still have their prices. Photo shows only one bench, there are far more than what is shown.Thanks in advance.

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another photo

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So sorry to hear about your dad.

When we moved from NY to Florida, I sold most of my collection (over 200) on Craigs list. I told callers to come on the weekend only. I had them displayed on Sat & Sunday and most were sold. I donated many to my local Orchid Society and gave some to friends.

I had at least 50 people for the Craigs list weekend. I posted photos of some of the plants in bloom. I don't know how much luck you will have posting the photos you have here, as people are attracted by the flowers.

I had photos of my orchids in bloom, I had my husband print photos of each plant and put the photo with the plant so people could see what the flowers looked like in bloom.

Good luck,

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keiki(10 FL)

So sorry to hear about your father. I inherated my mums orchids when she passed away. I handed one or more to anyone who would take it. Now they are my passion and I wish I hadn't given most of them away.

Where are you located? I might be interested in purchasing a bench like the one in your first photo. I am in Cape Coral.

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Jane: Thank You much for your post and your advice, it is a shame that I have to sell them, but I will definitely look into selling on craig's list once they've bloomed.

Hi Keiki, Thanks for your post also. I live in palmetto Bay which is in Dade county. I actually have two benchs but I think I'd like to sell some of the orchids before selling the benches since they're what the Orchids rest on.

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Hi John,
I'm sorry about your loss.

I'd be interested in them. Please email me. Tnx

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lost my dad on christmas eve, wish he would have had a hobby as nice as yours did.

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where are you located...and how much are you asking for the orchids... please accept my condolences for the loss of your dad, it is always a very sad time..... thanks, sally

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I'm sorry for your loss. I would like to know where you are located also. I may be interested in taking a few off your hands if you are close enough, or may know someone who is.

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Hi Walli: Sorry to hear of your loss as well. Sally and Steppy, I live in palmetto bay which is south of Miami and north of Homestead. Thank you both for your kind words.

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I too, am sorry for your loss.

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I wish I lived closer but I do want to send my sympathies as well. You might want to consider keeping one or two just as a reminder of your dad.

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