Fig plant not happy looking :(

AJ_gardnerJune 15, 2011

Hi there,

This is my first post, my name is AJ and I live in Phoenix, AZ area. I purchased a fig plant from a local nursery early spring and planted it as per instructions. It was just bare stick then!

It has leaves and has four fruits on it and is about 2.5 ft tall now. I water it every day (about 1 gallon morning & evening through the drip), and heavy soaking watering weekly when soil feels dry. I haven't yet fertilized it.

Recently during high heat days (105deg) the leaves have started yellowing and getting curled the plant does not look happy at all.

Some pictures of it are at:

What could be going wrong? Too much or too little watering?

The soil drains within minutes of watering and I see no standing water.



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The Heat,is the problem.
In your climate fig trees have to be planted in a position,as to have sun,in the morning and shade in the afternoon.
Fig tree do not take well any hotter than 95F.
But if you plant like I said it will be much happier.
Also a lot of mulch need to be applied around the tree,to keep moisture longer after you water.

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

Herman nailed it. If you can protect it with some shade cloth in the afternoon this first year in the ground it will help it out a lot. And do mulch it heavily. Fig trees send out lots of shallow roots. Six inches deep for a couple of feet all around the tree. Our afternoon sun will fry that little guy if you don't.

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Thank you guys, I have since then covered it well to block all the scorching sunlight and mulched all around heavily. Hopefully the little one will get through this season


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