Worthy Creations and rebloom (photos!)

shive(6b TN)June 13, 2012

I'm really excited about all the rebloom scapes I'm seeing. As of this morning, I counted 50 cultivars with rebloom scapes. Some, like Wonder of It All and Winter Treasure, are now blooming on both original and rebloom scapes. I guess all the rebloom is the result of my watering almost daily during our long stretches without rain this spring.

WORTHY CREATION has rebloom scapes for the first time in the five years I've had it. It also finally has tall scapes.

MOZAMBIQUE NIGHTS has a rebloom scape on every fan.

METALLIC BLUE EYES is another that has never rebloomed that now has a rebloom scape. I noticed the other day that the pistil on this cultivar is the same peach color as the petals.

GOD SAVE THE QUEEN has rebloom scapes too. I'm hybridizing with it under my carport.

ETHEL BUCCOLA has some well-budded rebloom scapes on the way.

Now on to some that don't have rebloom scapes (yet), but have just started to bloom.

Here's another look at JAY FARQUHAR.

HOLOGRAM is one I added last year during the Rice's clump sale.




And I'll leave you with one that I'm SO glad is reblooming.



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I'm learning so much from your pictures and your commentary, Debra. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Debra, I am not sure which grouping I like better, the reblooms or the original blooms as both are so pretty. And hurray, hurray and triple hurray for all those rebloom scapes. The daylilies do love their water. WORTHY CREATION has got to be my favorite, no question. Wow, do I love it. Pretty. pretty, pretty.

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If I had sox on today, Worthy Creation and Ethel Buccola would have knocked them off. Unbelievable beauty.

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Honest to God? Was it just the extra water that produced reblooms?

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shive(6b TN)

Patann- It was just the extra water that came from me dragging hoses around the yard. I only fertilized one bed (9 daylilies), and then it got too hot to fertilize. Daylilies need at least 2 inches of water per week to rebloom. In the past, I watered every three days when it was hot and dry. I think my amended clay soil needs more than that for the moisture to get to the roots. I was inspired by Kay (organic kitten), who watered so much last year that she had a ton of rebloom. The experts recommend "deep watering" once a week for daylilies to do their best.


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Maryl zone 7a

Hey, it is such a rarity for me to have rebloom scapes that I thought "rebloom" was all just a bunch of hooey. But this year I've got them out the kazoo. I used small amounts of Miracid quite a bit when I watered (along with the granular fertilizer) in the spring just before blooms started and maybe that's it or maybe it's the water. I think not so much the water because most of mine are in pots and I always have to water them. Whatever it is, it's like a miracle and I'm lovin' it...Now on to your gorgeous blooms. Who wouldn't want round 2 of those? Have to agree with Rita that Worthy Creation is my favorite, but Ethel is calling my name and Patricia wants to join in the chorus. All beauties......Maryl

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

I love the look of Mozambique Nights and Sweet Prairie Wind. They do look very much alike. Which one would you say has the best stats? Of course every one of them looks gorgeous. Your pictures are always a treat.

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Congrats on your rebloomers! I had a 3 or 4 last year and I was sooo excited :)
All the flowers are very beautiful, too hard to pick a favorite. Worthy Creation looks very nice, tall scapes is good. Love the combination of yellow and blue in Solar Music pic. But I think Sweet Prairie Wind is my most favorite, it's gorgeous!

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shive(6b TN)

Val - Mozambique Nights and Sweet Prairie Wind do have similar looks when it's cool. In hotter temperatures, Sweet Prairie Wind is the redder one. Both their edges are white, but different. MN has baubles and teeth, while the while edge on SPW is flat. Both are registered as midseason rebloomers. SPW is supposed to be dormant, but it isn't for me. It's growing in a pot and doesn't like it there at all, so it doesn't have many buds yet. But if you're tyring to decide between the two, there's no contest. Sweet Prairie Wind is not being sold anywhere at the present. The hybridizer, Jerry Mix, died last year and no one is selling his intros. He sent me SPW, a 2010 intro, as a single-fan bonus two years ago. It's still only two fans. Until I or someone else who bought one gets enough fans to sell on the Lily Auction, it will be very rare. I kept hoping I would hear someone had bought Jerry's stock and would be selling is wonderful creations. But apparently no one has, or someone did but is keeping is quiet. The only Mix intro I know of that is readily available from commercial growers is Glitter Gal, the late I purchased from him. Mozambique Nights is a good performer and has been an excellent performer and seed parent for me.


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Beautiful, Debra. Patricia Snider Memorial is my pick. It ewbloomed last year, but not so far this year. Keep looking though...I am up to 66 rebloomers this year. Had 59 last year, so it's better. I haven't watered at all, but we have had almost perfect rains for one time. zI love it!


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Debra, there just are not enough superlatives to respond properly to these gorgeous blooms and photos. Where to begin? 1) Holy cow! GSTQ is RED under your carport! 2) Solar Music with the tradescantia is to die for. 3) You have some beautiful reds: Mozambique Nights, Sweet Prarie Wind and Jay Farquhar. 4) Each one of your blooms is prettier than the one before. Wow.

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Nancy zone 6

Wow, all the reblooms! I have got to get out & water, we are so dry. I have some rebloom scapes, but not very many I think.
I'm not going to pick a favorite today either, every one seems to be perfect to my eyes, love them all.

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Worthy Creation is stunning -- I love everything about that bloom. The best of the rest for me are the clump of Aint' Misbehavin' and Hologram. That's definitely the best pic of that one I've seen.

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shive(6b TN)

Christine - Are you looking at these photos on an IPhone or an IPad? Those screens seem to turn my purples red. GSTQ doesn't look red on my screen - just lavender with some red tints.


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Julia NY(6)

I really like PATRICIA SNIDER MEMORIAL. It is just a wonderful color and form but HOLOGRAM is also very pretty in your pic. Yes, the Rice's have some great clump sales.

I had to go and look up on the AHS site AIN'T MISBEHAVIN' to see who the hybridizer was and what the parentage was. Very nice.


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Waitforspring(6 MA)

Thank you for the information. That makes the decision easy. I'll just put Mozambique Nights on my list.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Beautiful blooms again. I just love WORTHY CREATIONS and ETHEL BUCCOLA, and SWEET PRAIRIE WINDyou are geting a lot of rebloom scapes, huh? I have about 15 rebloom scapes. I dont go looking for them, but I see them when I am out watering.They done took all the storms out of our forecast and now, no mention of rain, so I will need to water again.Last week, the said we would get storms every day this week, now they took out the rain, just as I figured they would.

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

Ain't Misbehavin & Ethel Buccola are I think my favorites but they are all amazing! Love the commentary on each one! Rena'

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shive(6b TN)

Jean - I look for rebloom scapes when I'm watering. That way it seems like there's a reward for dragging that hose around all the time. Hope you get some rain soon.

Rena'- Glad you enjoy my ramblings as well as the photos!

Julia - Ain't Misbehavin' is a great garden plant. I've been pleased with both of the Schwarzes' intros. AM is Mimi's, although I think Bob's name appears on the registration.

Chris - The bloom on Worthy Creation has always been a beauty. But it's really taken several years for the plant under it to show off. The problem may have been that it was first planted during a three-year drought.

Maryl - Glad to hear you've got rebloom too! Now you know it's not a bunch of hooey. LOL


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Hurrah!!! for all your reblooms and everyone of them are beautiful.

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Whenever I hear you all talking about rebloom (already) I can't help but be a tad envious. My regular season hasn't even started and you all are getting REBLOOM! What is that? (joking). We don't have a long enough summer to get rebloom, except of course on Stella so we have to be content with what we get. That said, it is always a treat to see pictures from you because you always have the most ravishing beauties! It is nearly impossible to pick favorites and this time is no exception. I hope my Solar Music that I got from you blooms this year...it is a lovely bloom.


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Every time I see Patricia Snider, I love it! Need to add that one to the someday list.

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deangreen(7b OK)

I don't usually like pink and yellow combinations but Ain't Misbehavin is really nice! great pics.

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