Do You Cover Your Fig Tree From Birds?

achang89(Z6)June 3, 2013

I just wonder if any of you cover our fig tree when the figs start to ripe?

I grow some blueberries and I have to cover the bushes with plastic netting each year. Or the birds will get them rather quickly.

I planted some fig trees before and I remember birds got most of them. That was a while ago.

If netting is needed, how can you cover a large fig tree?

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Produce more than the birds can handle. I have about 20 inground fig trees and 400 8 ft blueberry bushes. There is not enough birds in this county to get all the fruit. When I pick blueberries I am usually joined by a few feathered friends. The foxes and other furry ones take care of the fruit which falls to the ground. I would have it no other way.

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Well, this is true if you get a lot to give. But if I only have one or two fig trees and have a bunch of kids to please, then it is a different story.

Same story goes to my neighbor famers. They plant either corn or soybean and deers really like their field.

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You buy 2 14foot by 30 foot long nets from Walmart and sow it together.
You will have one net ,that is 30 foot by 28 foot,and is enough to cover most adult fig tree.
Drape net over fig tree and ran thin rope(cable ) trough the base of net,at soil level,and secure net.
That is how you do it.
If tree too large cut tree down to the size of the said net.

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I've found a roll of deer netting is sometimes cheaper and can be sewn together as well to make a 12ft canopy

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7deuce(7 NJ)

In south jersey, they get my blueberries but not my figs. I think most have started flying south. I have way more trouble with yellow jackets and wasps.

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nickl(Z7a NJ)

Never done it. Maybe the birds do get at a few but not significant.

As already noted, the more significant damage comes from insects not from birds.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

I agree Nick, the honey bees ruin over half of mine every year.

I wish I could find something to keep them off!

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I will cover if I ever get fruit. I started mine from cuttings and they have not done anything. I have had figs in the past but the gophers killed them. When I did get fruit, I had more problems with rats and squirrels than I did with birds. I plan on using knee highs to cover my fruit. It worked on the mango (until my dog ate it). I'm hoping I can get something to myself this year if I continue to leave the black raspberries uncovered for the birds.

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