Tree still No Leaves

rycooderJune 25, 2014

Hi I root pruned my fig trees this year and I still have one tree thats not leafing out at all. Did I over prune it ? I pruned it like the others and they leafed out long ago with figs on them. I checked to see if it's green and it is all green still. Any ideas what I can do to get it to start leafing I know it's kind of late I just want to make sure it's still gonna grow.

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whats the daytime temps in your area?

make sure its in full sun.
keep it watered, but not soggy

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Rycooder: I too root pruned 3 of 4 figs in larger containers(18 gal). Tree number 4 had not leafed out until last week when it began to bud from bottom-up. Other trees have ieafed out and figs have begun to appear. Be patient, especially since under layer is still green. I kept it in semi- shade and out of 90 degree sun this week. I live in NE Ohio. Keep us posted. By the way, my 4 trees froze solid in garage this year? First time that happened.

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Hi Guys ok my tree has just started leafing out now a little late but at least I know its not dead.

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