Something awesome happened today...

Beopposed(9)February 9, 2013

When I got my Mary Alice Cox camellia in the fall, I tormented myself with whether or not I should repot it. The pot was almost all roots and no soil, and yet I was fairly sure that repotting it would affect the budding process.

I asked for advice on the camellia forum, and they told me to throw some mulch on it and call it a day, so that's what I did.

As winter went by and I saw the buds start to form, I waited impatiently for them to open... Only to see them fall off, one by one, without opening.

Only one bud lasted, and it opened at a rate of what seemed like a millimeter a week, if that.

I looked up causes of bud drop to see that inconsistent watering is the biggest culprit -- almost certainly due to the tiny amount of soil in the pot.

On Monday, I decided to just cut my losses and repot the camellia, regardless of the unopened bud. I pulled it out (great root system, by the way, didn't require any root pruning) and repotted it in gritty mix in a smart pot.

To my surprise, today I found the bud almost completely open! I was ecstatic! I still am! Even if it doesn't end up fully opening, I am happy with almost open!

This is proof that miracles happen! Also, when in doubt, just repot! :)

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Oops, the picture didn't post.

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That is lovely. I just got a pink perfection at the last plant sale and planted in the ground. It is full of buds and they opening nicely so far. I have a feeling this might be my new opcession. :o)

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Oh, how pretty!

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Pink perfection is GORGEOUS. I saw one at Kerby's nursery that was just loaded with perfect blooms... I was so tempted.

I think it's an obsession for me, too... too bad they only bloom once a year :(. But when they do, it's so worth it!

Taylor's Perfection has a bunch of buds on it. I'm gonna repot it and see what happens!

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tomkaren(z9 Citrus Co FL)


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