Spirea and Peony together?

nutsaboutflowers(2b/3a)July 26, 2012

I'm trying to make sure I plant everything by fall this year so I don't have to sink a bunch of stuff in a hole like I did last year.

My Karl Rosenfeld hasn't found a spot yet. I was thinking of putting it in front of two Sem False Spirea ( or is that False Sem Spirea?). They'll be about the same height, but do you think the colors will clash or compliment each other? Also, it'll be a fairly windy spot. I assume since peonies can withstand farm yards, that the wind won't be much of a factor. The spot will be full/partial sun, which I understand Karl will like. Oh, and there'll be a fair amount of moisture, as one of the downspouts is close by.

What do you think?

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is this what you mean LOL - The only problem is lack of water they are both under the eaves. Plus the peony was planted to deep.

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What peony do you have there?

I was somewhat concerned with the color of the foliage of the spirea clashing with the color of the peony in bloom.

Yours look nice with the contrasting leaf shapes =:)

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I got it from my dad last summer it is a very light pink I wish it was darker but at least it has more than one row of petals and it was free.

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