Fig trees for zone 6

foolishpleasureJuly 24, 2012

Any body lives in DC and Baltimore metro areas or in Annapolis Maryland and was able to raise eatable figs please tell me what kind of fig tree. I know it has to be self-pollinating because the fig wasps do not live in zone 6 . Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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Don't have many varieties that will do well in your area. However, you mention nothing about how you plan to keep your fig tree alive from season to season.

Will you grow the tree(s) in large containers?
Will the tree(s) be planted in-ground?
Two, very different growing methods, each with advantages, and disadvantages.

"Bill's Figs" in Flemington, NJ. has a good selection. "Trees of Joy" has varieties that are hardy in your area WITH PROTECTION. Both are good places to start looking.

Figure out how you will grow, and winterize your tree. Then forum members can make better suggestions. Growing a fig tree is easy...keeping it alive is another story. It can be, and in fact, is done by many growers in your area.

One more idea: Neighbors. Look for productive trees in your area, and ask the owners if you could buy a rooted division of their trees. Most of the time they will proudly, give you a small tree.

Good luck.


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Thanks frank. I have young fig tree (brown turkey) and I think I took care of it. I t is planted in a big container with holes in the bottom half. I planted the container in a raised bed. Last fall I dogged it out from the ground and took in the house. It survived very well and is getting bigger. I am planning to do the same for any new figs I will buy. The question I am concerned with is the pollination I want self-pollinated fig trees. I was told the fig wasp does not live in my zone.

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I live in Winchester, VA area with great growing success. I have learned many growing, pruning and winterizing tips from the greats on this forum.
The Brown turkey was also my 1st which is now one of my 10 in ground growers. My other favorites are the Celeste, Chicago hardy, LSU Purple. I have 2 container plants, although they produce earlier, the in grounds grow
, thrive and produce better.
Find a link to Edible Landscapes in Alton, VA, they are a great producer of the Figs and excellent source of info.

Happy growing.

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