Classifying fig fruit sizes

fluffyfinchJuly 8, 2012

I often hear figs fruits described as being "small", "medium", "large", and "giant", but is there any standard/agreement as to what constitutes each size classification? I may have a fig that I think would be considered "large" but someone else might call it a "medium" size fig. Just curious to see what people think.

This is roughly how I classify figs according to their diameter in inches:

1" --extra small

1.5" --small

2.25" --medium

2.75" --large

3.25" --giant

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I have another question how do you control the size. Some one mentioned you can control the size by thinning the green figs and leave only one on each branch. I did not have the heart to do that. Al I want is to have some eatable figs to give me chance to brag to my kids and neighbors regardless of the size. I had 3 figs with diameter over 4 " I guess these were giant figs. I did not get them from my trees I got them from my super market I just happened to be lucky that day before any one else bought them. They charged $7.5 per pound more expensive than the fillet minion.

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A distinction should be made clear if either breba, or, main-crop. Brebas can be quite large...and differ greatly in size, from main-crop.

Your size designations seem workable, at least to me.

Thanks for the thoughts.


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Totally agree with Frank about kind of figs:
Breba or Second crop.

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Here is what Gustav Eisen said about sizing figs over 100 years ago..."Size.�Roughly estimated, the size might be indicated as "small," "medium," or "large." I would consider all 1 inch or less in diameter as "small;" those between 1 and 2 inches as "medium," and those above 2 inches as " large." An average fig should be taken, one neithertoo large nor too small. The measurement should be made from the neck to the eye, or, to be more accurate, from the junction of the stalk and neck to the eye. For "width", the greatest diameter at right angles to the former should always be given, and in order to indicate the exact shape it is necessary to state whether the greatest width is at the center, below the center, or at the apex. To English readers the English inch is the most common measure, continental writers using the centimeter only."

So basically:
1" or less =small
2" or less =medium
above 2" =large

If you have a very large one (and who doesn't!) logically it would follow that above 3" would follow next using that pattern. I wouldn't re-invent the wheel and add further confusion to an already confusing genus.

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Gustav certainly didn't grow very big figs, lol. Thanks for the interesting snippet!

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I think Gustav Eisen is right with the best Classification,because he states that one should consider measuring the medium size of fruit on that tree and not the largest one.
We have to note fig tree makes various sizes of fruits on the same tree.
Not only should we choose Main crop figs only to measure but we also have to choose a medium fruit that tree makes and not the largest one.

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why not just use - 1 inch , 2 inch, 3 inch, and so on .... seems pretty easy to me.

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tobybul2 - Zone 6 SW MI(6A)

i'm in West Michigan and I have 2 fig plants that are going on its 3rd year. Each is planted in half of a plastic drum. I have not pruned the tree. I keep the plants in my garage over the winter after the leaves drop in the fall.The foliage has gotten better very year and this year has the most fruits. I'm just wondering what to expect from the trees as far as fruit size is concerned.

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