Daylily Serendipity?

Thyme2dig NH Zone 5July 9, 2010

Last year I started a large backyard garden and in doing so had to move a bunch of shrubs/plants around. I moved a bunch of daylilies up against my split-rail fence as a "holding area" until I was ready to plant them into the backyard garden this year. I already had a few against the fence. Well, they're blooming so nicely and look so great together now I'm thinking of leaving them there and adding more! I had planned on planting roses along the fence but I'm thinking plan B with daylilies may be easier since there are so many there already and I have plenty others to relocate to this area. It's funny how things sometimes work out isn't it?

Have all of you found the daylilies doing well this year (albeit early) with this heat? I am so surprised as to how vibrant the colors are when we've had 90+ temps for a week. And they have had staying power. I was bummed when I saw major heat coming in up here because I figured the daylilies would bloom quickly and be a bit faded. They have very pleasantly surprised me.

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capecodder(z6 MA)

Even though we've not had rain in weeks my daylilies are flourishing...I think all that March rain made them the best they've ever been. I have a bunch along a split rail fence too. I deadhead all my daylilies every morning, and for fun this morning I counted...I took off 280+.! Your fence looks great!

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

I think the daylilies look perfect there! And as great as roses are this yr mine are so icky , with blackspot and those jb going crazy on them. I even tried that bayer3 in 1 that is popular. Anyway, dayilys are so rewarding for just the work of planting them and deadheading! My dl are great this yr too, i really love them.

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I vote for daylilies too! Roses are nice, but the daylilies look great with your fence and I like the cheerful colors :)

I'm going to print this and show it to my mom...she's been trying to figure out what to do with all of her daylilies.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Isn't it just awesome what things turn out when you didn't expect them to? I like the daylilies too Susan ;-) I do like roses, but some years they can be so much trouble you wonder why you ever planted them. Daylilies look nice even in the 'off' gardening years.

With all the rain we had this spring my daylilies have never looked so least the foliage does ;-D Will take another week or so to tell if the flower show will be extra special.

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