airlayering vs bagging

foolishpleasureJuly 6, 2012

I have no luck with bagging. I tried that last winter even spent money and bought heat pads and did not work. I had leaves but no roots and the ones got roots are very few and weak roots to survive a tree. I have seven fig trees and I AIRLYERED 6 branches. I followed the instruction on Google and used very small amount of rooting hormone. I used potting soil not moss and covered the plastic bag wit foil paper. It has been 5 weeks and I was itching to see what happened but controlled myself. Today I had big itch to find out and opened the foil paper it is amazing the rooting bags are full with white healthy roots. In two weeks i will pot all of it. What is really amazing is that one branch even developed lots of roots it has one little fig on it. I guess this will never ripen after the branch is separated from the mother tree.I am so exciting about air-layering I will air-layer apricot, peach , nectarine and grapes.

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Congratulations on the air layering. I'd never heard of it until I went to an old Greek guy's house. He was doing it in some odd ways, using real dirt and getting great results.

He told me that he would always wait 3 months before cutting the branch from the mother tree, but do as you feel best of course. I was so amazed that I took pictures and made a furum thread about it. CLICK HERE

Only in the thread did I learn that this is called air layering. The old Greek guy was a fig grower in Greece as a young man, and told me that this is the best way to propigate fig trees. I see your results are very good too. I will try this myself staring in the spring.

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kngskid(Georgia zone 7b)


I'm a first timer too but mine are only a week old. I guess I'll peep after five weeks, thanks for posting.

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