Remove figs to promote larger fruit?? Some questions....

dancinglemons(7B VA)July 15, 2011

Hello all,

Thanks to members of this forum my two figs are alive and well. One of the figs (Colasanti Dark) was put in a larger pot at the end of 2010 season - not ideal but the roots were growing over the top of the container.

The Colasanti must have liked the larger container because now it has prolific fruit. Here is my question::

I have two sets of figs on this tree. 50% are about the size of golf balls and the other 50% are the size of macadamia nuts. The larger figs are on last year wood and smaller figs on new ''wood''. DH thinks I should remove all of the smaller figs to help the larger figs get even larger and ripen evenly. We are in Central Virginia and do not usually get our first frost until late October of even early November. Will those small figs on ''new wood'' get ripe or should I remove them?? This tree is in a 20 gallon tub.

Let me know what you think. If photos would help I can post them later today.



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Yes they will.
Also your larger figs are Breba and they might just dry out and drop,leaVING YOU WITH NOTHING.
If they are too many,just remove about half of both sizes fruits.

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dancinglemons(7B VA)

Here are the photos. Should the tiny figs be removed? Are the larger figs breba?


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

I won't remove anything from the pictured figs. There are plenty of leaves to support everything. JMHO

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dancinglemons(7B VA)

Thanks herman2 and fruitnut.

I will leave the figs alone. I will post pictures of the 'end result' when things begin to get ripe.


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They are all on new wood,so they are not Breba.
So you can leave them alone.

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I have a definite interest in this thread, and I want to make a distinction between larger and better quality, including size, taste, time to ripen, etc.

Thanks for starting this thread. How old is your fig tree?

I just want to confirm that you are recommending that DL thin the breba crop by 50% (if it were breba) and allow the main crop to grow 'freely'; particularly on a young potted tree. Would you apply this convention to older tree planted in the ground?


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No:I will not remove anything if the tree is in ground in the south or California central Valley.
However if,planted in colder climates,one crop have to be eliminated,because two crop will not ripe properly,and the tree will spend all reserves of energy and die in the winter.
You are in 8b,so you have to find out from experience if your tree have enough Summer length to ripe both crop,and retain enough energy to make it trough the winter in one piece.

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Thanks Herman.

My tree (and DL's I think) are in pots. Does that affect your thinking in terms of leaving or removing?

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dancinglemons(7B VA)

Thanks herman2.


I've had the tree for 3 years. I got it in July 2008. This is what it looked like then.


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Absolutely:If in pot,you need to remove because the plant do not have enough energy to grow them at their highest quality.
And also make sure you really take care of this plant,I mean every day,water nutrients(long term release (never without),limestone powder and manure in top,etc.
Without all requirement satisfied,the fruits will be mediocre tasting,and not what they can be if plant in ground.
I just wasted my Desert King crop,for not pruning roots last Spring and not watering when needed at least once.

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dancinglemons(7B VA)

Thanks again herman2. I will pull some of those tiny figs.


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I'm in Phoenix and have a tree that is at least 20years old. It produces small figs. Why? I just went to dinner at a friend who served me figs the size of an egg. They were the same fig, brown turkey. I don't want to remove any figs, they are delicious, but they sure are small, like large grapes.
Do I need to fertilize?

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