Roses planted too high

carolann_rosesJuly 6, 2008


I recently ordered some delicate hybrid tea roses and had a hired professional plant them. I instructed her to have her helpers plant the bud union 3-4 inches below the soil level, only to find them planted above the soil level. She later said she didn't know what the bud union was. O.K, so she walked off the job and now I have these many roses planted wrong. They were all bare root roses. They have been in the soil about two weeks. (I have not added the mulch yet) Do I dig them all up and plant lower? Is there any other way? I have had several delicate hybrid teas planted and they have survived well over the winters, being planted lower and with good winter protection. Please help!

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

And they were professionals you say, they should know better for our zone.

First, I would demand my money back!

I would dig them up and replant them properly, wait for a day that is on the cool side and water faithfully right up till freeze up time and mulch around them. Just before the ground freezes, cover up with a good layer of mulch on hand (I use straw).

Best wishes they survive!

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Thanks Sharon! Yes, I can hardly believe what happened... and then she was mad at me....I had emailed her and then told them verbally right before they planted to make sure it was done correctly. I was very polite and never said a harsh word to her. I will wait for a cool day and then get busy! (She was yelling about money when she stormed off, so I imagine I will have trouble with that part of the mess too.) Boy, did I learn a lesson! They are on a drip system, so I think I can make sure they are watered thoroughtly. Thanks again. Carol

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